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We love our clients and are proud of their digital presence! Check out our work and results with website development, search engine optimization, and social media promotions in our VIEWS Digital Marketing case studies.

Digital Marketing Results

Case Studies

Landscaping Company

Web traffic up 147% over 2 years
Organic up 195%

Case Studies

Niche Retail Showroom

From 0 to 250 a month in 4 months with 75% being organic

Case Studies

Family Law Attorneys

Web traffic up 12% over 2 years
Organic up 11%

Case Studies

Interior Designer

Web Traffic up 47% in 18 months
Organic up 104%

Case Studies

Engineering Company

Web Traffic up 15% in one year
Organic up 19.4%

Case Studies

Radon Testing and Mitigation Company

Web traffic up 21% over 2 years
Organic up 89%

Case Studies

Personal Injury Attorney

Web traffic up 30% over 3 years
Organic up 85%

Case Studies

Art Collection E-Commerce

Grew Web Traffic from 200 to 1400 a month in 2 years.
Organic up 21% / Social up 230%

Case Studies

Municipal Services

Web Traffic up 84% in one year
Organic up 142%

Case Studies

Industrial Antenna Supplier

Web Traffic up 32% over 2 months
Organic up 36%

Case Studies of our clients- person using computer keyboard for transcription

Transcription Company

Web Traffic up 36% over 2 years
Organic up 52%



Alfred Abel Law Firm

Alfred Abel Law
Interior Designer

Architexture Interior Design

Architexture Interior Designer

Burkholder Brothers Landscape

Burkholder Landscape

Ms. Harcum Share the Love

Ms. Harcum Share the Love Foundation

Prime Electric Service

Prime Electric Service
Intermediary Firm

Tennessee Business Brokers

Tennessee Business Brokers
Vintage Film Memorabilia Boutique

Walter Film

Walter Film

What Our Clients Say

“I am very pleased with the work done by the team at WSI Philadelphia and continually refer them to people that need their services. They helped us determine the features we needed for our website, learned about our preferences, and then created a finished product that professionally represents our company. The team has worked with us to create effective pages, write engaging content, as well as develop and implement effective email marketing campaigns, such as the one that promoted our expansive holiday market events. Our goal was to become better known in our Main Line neighborhood and through the efforts of WSI, we have increased visits to our website by over 1,000% in the course of less than a year. WSI’s team members stay on top of what is new in digital marketing and continue to look for ways we can increase our business success. I look forward to seeing what kind of growth and opportunities occur in this next year through our collaboration with WSI.”

“We have heard nothing but positive comments about the new website. Visitors are drawn in from the first page and find it easy to move around the website. We are grateful for the advice and assistance we received from WSI. WSI guided us through web design, page creation, database maintenance and search engine optimization. It is one thing to have a website and another to have an effective website. It was an eye-opener to realize all the factors that go into building an effective website.”

“The team at WSI We Simplify the Internet did an excellent job in creating and optimizing a new website for our showroom that reflected our expertise and range of products. They took the time to get to know our business and learn about our needs and our clientele. Their professionalism, quick turnaround, and patience were much appreciated.”