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Paid Search Advertising

Paid search advertising, also known as pay-per-click (PPC), is digital advertising where advertisers bid in online auctions for the top spots on search engine results pages. This type of advertising includes Google Ads; the higher the bid and ad relevance to a particular search, the better chance Google will show your ad to a searcher.

These PPC ads are the ones you see at the top of the page whenever you use Google search. The great things about paid search advertising, compared to traditional advertising such as magazines, radio, TV, and billboards, is two-fold. First, the people who see the ads are already interested in your product, and second, the results of these ads can be measured and tracked.

Paid search is the fastest way to be found on search engine results pages for chosen terms (search queries). Businesses can combine their paid advertising campaigns with search engine optimization (SEO) and choose to utilize many platforms, such as Google Ads or Bing Ads. However, setting up a good pay-per-click campaign is technical, involving keyword research, writing ad copy, designing landing pages, and more.

Benefits of Paid Search Advertising

The benefits of paid search ad campaigns for small businesses are greater than those for larger companies. With paid advertising, small companies can compete with larger ones and level the playing field. PPC can have a significant impact on a business’ online presence overall.

Immediate Lead Generation

Paid search advertising is a great way to generate immediate leads. Clients can contact you immediately by calling, emailing, or filling out a form.

Targeted Ads

You can target your ads in the following ways:


By targeting specific locations, you can show your ads to people who live or work in specific areas.


You can show your ad on specific devices (such as laptops or mobile phones). This is useful if your product or service is better suited for desktop computers than mobile phones and vice versa.

Time of Day

You can show different ads at different times, such as during business hours, at night, or on weekends when fewer businesses are open.

Support Other Digital Marketing Channels

Paid search is often used alongside other digital marketing channels. For example, you may use paid search to complement other digital marketing channels to drive specific traffic or increase conversions with highly interested. PPC is also commonly used as part of broader marketing strategies across multiple platforms (like Google Ads).


Paid search advertising is a cost-effective way to reach your target audience. You only pay for the clicks you get, so you do not spend money on impressions or uninterested users. Also, you can start small and scale up as you get more traffic or spend more as your budget allows.

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You can set a daily budget of any size to limit how much you spend each day. This is great if your business is beginning to look into PPC marketing or set an overall monthly cap if you want more peace of mind.

Display on Desktop and Mobile Devices

Display advertising is another way to reach your audience if you are trying to tell them about your product or service. Display ads can appear on desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones. For example, suppose mobile devices are more likely to be used by your target audience. In that case, focusing your ad spend on a display ad network may be able to deliver impressions at a lower cost.

VIEWS Paid Digital Advertising Strategies Will Propel Your Business to the Next Level

A digital advertising and marketing analytics company like VIEWS can help you propel your business to the next level. Our digital marketing experts will work with you to discover your company’s specific goals, then create a plan according to your needs and budget. In addition, we can work with you on all of the technical aspects of a pay-per-click campaign, such as click-through rate, keyword research, quality score, landing page design, text ads, and more.

Contact VIEWS Digital Marketing today to learn more about the benefits of paid search advertising strategies.

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