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Project Details

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Burkholder Brothers Landscaping


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Project started May, 2017


Burkholder Brothers Landscaping Case Study

Burkholder Landscape is a full service landscaping company in Malvern, PA servicing the Philadelphia area since 1992. The company has a highly skilled team of talented carpenters, masons, electricians, horticulturists and contractors, who design and install landscapes and irrigation systems in Main Line communities.

Burkholder is passionate about designing, building, and maintaining the finest landscapes in the Delaware Valley of Pennsylvania.

Burkholder Landscaping Gallery


Marketing Was Not Working

Burkholder Brothers approached us with a situation that many businesses face. The old marketing strategies were not working and their online activities were insufficient to generate leads and customers. The company needed a new approach to their marketing strategy.

  • The website was not generating any leads

  • Organic traffic to the site was not up to the client’s satisfaction

  • Burkholder only ranked for a few keywords on search engines in their targeted geo-locations

  • The website had minimal content and activity

  • Traditional marketing such as industry magazine ads and mailers were no longer working


Strategy and Tactics

VIEWS developed a well-rounded digital marketing strategy and campaign that included:

  • Design and creation of a mobile-responsive, high-performing website built around targeted personas

  • Search Engine Optimization program

  • Content Marketing program

  • Google Ads campaigns with seasonal promotions

  • Optimized Social Media profiles

  • Automated lead nurturing with marketing automation

  • Call tracking and conversion tools

  • Monthly Analytic reports to track performance and make adjustments

Digital Results

Online Measurements

VIEWS Digital Marketing continuously measures online results and takes the necessary actions to get the desired results.

  • Organic website traffic increased from 343 to 2290 a month.

  • Increased search engine position from 3 keywords to 44 keywords on the first page.

  • Increased search engine impressions to 123,987 the month of May 2020.

  • Email campaigns run every 6 weeks reaching about 2,000 users each time.

  • Achieved an email marketing average open rate of 46.25% and a click-through rate of 5.76%.

Impact on Client’s Business

Actual Business Results – Digital Marketing is Working

With every client, VIEWS focuses on real results for the business and getting the best return on investment.

  • Burkholder receives an average of 34.5 prospects a month from forms on their website.

  • They additionally receive 67 phone calls on average from their website each month.

  • Search engine impressions have increased, up to 123,987 during the month of May 2020.

  • The more efficient marketing budget means higher return on investment.

What the Client Says

“I am very pleased…”

I am very pleased with the work done by the team at VIEWS Digital Marketing (WSI Philadelphia) and continually refer them to people that need their services.

They helped us determine the features we needed for our website, learned about our preferences, and then created a finished product that professionally represents our company. The team has worked with us to create effective pages, write engaging content, as well as develop and implement effective email marketing campaigns, such as the one that promoted our expansive holiday market events. Our goal was to become better known in our Main Line neighborhood and through the efforts of WSI, we have increased visits to our website by over 1,000% in the course of less than a year.

WSI’s team members stay on top of what is new in digital marketing and continue to look for ways we can increase our business success. I look forward to seeing what kind of growth and opportunities occur in this next year through our collaboration with VIEWS.

Barry Burkholder,

Co-Owner Burkholder Brothers, Inc., Malvern, PA – USA