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Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic Advertising to Optimize Your Ad Placement

As technology continues to evolve rapidly, and an online presence becomes more crucial for businesses, companies can use automation more and more to reach out to potential customers. One application of automation more businesses are using is programmatic advertising. Programmatic technology has seen considerable growth in recent years and has become a preferred method of running display ad campaigns. By taking advantage of unsold ad space, automated bidding that optimizes your budget, and the ability to target specific demographics, programmatic online ads can be an effective method of increasing your reach and getting more customers.

What Is Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising is a process of using automation to buy or sell ad inventory. The programs match available space with willing buyers to optimize the delivery of ads. These processes are implemented in real-time and are excellent for businesses to purchase ad space on a variety of outlets, websites, or certain publishers. Think of the banner ads, YouTube ads, or ads you find in your social feeds like LinkedIn; those are programmatic ads. Essentially, programmatic ad buying is a way to optimize the buying placement of advertising in digital media.

Differences between Pay-Per-Click & Programmatic Advertising

In traditional pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, a business picks keywords to target and bids on them. Whichever business is the highest bidder gets their ads shown at the top of search engine results. If a person clicks on their ads, that business has to pay the platform a small fee. Traditional pay-per-click advertising highlights your business when people are searching for services or products related to your business. A programmatic ad reaches people differently.

While traditional pay-per-click is based on what keywords you target and how much you pay, programmatic advertising focuses on utilizing unused ad space and reaching people outside of search results. Rather than specific keywords a business chooses while creating the campaign, the targeting starts with a definition of the target audience, including the following parameters:

  • Their interests
  • Preferences
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Preferred media or news outlets
  • Whether the user has visited the business’ site
Woman holding pen over tablet with real time bidding text graphics | programmatic advertising | VIEWS Digital Marketing

Once those parameters have been set, the program will find and bid on unused ad space to give you the best chance of reaching that target audience. The benefit to this online advertising over the magazine ad placement of old is that the purchase is instantaneous and can be split among many publications. This method is best used in conjunction with conventional pay-per-click.

The Benefits of Programmatic Advertising

One of the benefits is that programmatic ads are useful for any business interested in marketing and reaching a particular demographic or audience. For example, a B2B business wants to market their company and services to CEOs. A CEO is unlikely to be searching for that business’s services on Google but is likely to be reading outlets like the Wall Street Journal or Financial Times. Because their target audience is less likely to use Google searches, a B2B business can benefit by running programmatic ads targeting CEOs. The same goes for companies looking to target their household products or services to homeowners, as another example.

Programmatic advertising is also highly efficient. Because these types of ads focus on using unsold ad space that your target audience is likely to see and engage with, you can make smarter use of your advertising dollars. You can increase your reach to people across multiple different websites and various other mediums such as display ads, video, mobile, and native ads.

Because programmatic ads utilize brand advertising techniques and formats, your business gains the benefits of effective brand advertising, too. With programmatic advertising, you can establish a robust and unique brand identity for your target audience. Effective programmatic ads also build trust and credibility among your target audience. These elements help your potential customers remember your brand when they are ready to buy the types of products and services you offer.

Contact VIEWS For Programmatic Advertising Services

If you want your business to reach more people and generate more leads, contact VIEWS Digital Marketing, a digital marketing and SEO company. Our paid search advertising agency has developed and run many successful digital advertising campaigns for our clients. We will work with you to define your target audience, create compelling and engaging ads, and use the programmatic tools and marketing analytics at our disposal to reach potential customers efficiently. Combined with an SEO strategy, your online advertising campaign can turn into a lead generating machine. For more information on our programmatic advertising services, contact us today.