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Digital Marketing Services

Most businesses today understand the importance and advantages of digital marketing services. In fact, having a strong online presence is a necessary part of being successful in most industries. Digital technologies are moving at such a rapid pace—if your digital brand and online presence lack visibility, now is the time to get started!

Online Presence and The Advantages of Digital Marketing Services

One advantage of digital marketing services and working with a digital marketing company: no matter how big or small your business or what industry you belong to, building your digital profile can help your business get found by anyone, anywhere, and at any given time. People are looking for answers all the time versus waiting to be approached by a salesperson. You can have your business operate around the clock with a virtual showroom or salesman who is available 7 days a week and open 24 hours a day.

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According to Google statistics, 97% of consumers use the web to search for local businesses.

If the majority of your potential customers are looking for you online, your web presence should represent you well. Having a strong online presence is a critical part of your marketing strategy, regardless of the size of your business or the industry that you belong to.

An online presence is an advantage for your marketing efforts because it reinforces your brand and defines what you offer to your target market. There are endless possibilities for your web presence, including a website, a social presence on a growing number of platforms, paid advertising, directory listings, and more.

Many business owners have said farewell to the old, traditional offline marketing and have embraced the digital marketing world where people can easily search online for anything. Let’s look at a few of the ways we use digital marketing services to get your business started and boost your business to attract more web visits, shares, and customers.

The Advantages of an Online Presence for Your Business

Digital Marketing Services Build a Larger Market Audience

The primary advantage of an Online Presence is the ability to reach a broader audience. Millions of online users can find you and understand your product and service offering through your website. They see the information they want and learn about your company even when your business is closed. Being found online takes time to build up, but the potential for business growth is higher than many other methods of advertising. The ability to find a larger audience is beneficial and usually enough motivation for creating an online presence for your company.

Digital Marketing Services Enhance Accessibility

Customers have gotten more demanding and want to be able to reach your business all day, every day. It is essential for customers to reach you easily. Having relevant information online helps potential customers to communicate with your company and find answers on their own. An online small business profile makes it possible for prospects and clients to find you. Make sure to keep this information up-to-date because it will be frustrating to your prospects and clients if they find outdated contact details.

Local businesses, in particular, have to be sure that their mobile presence is accessible by users who are searching for you with their phones. Did you know that 88% of local business searches on a mobile device either call or visit the business within 24 hours?

Digital Marketing Services Create Trust

Having a robust online presence builds confidence in your company and your ability to work with customers and prospects. Many people do a quick online search to see if your company is legitimate; 75% of people judge a business’ credibility based on their website design. This statistic alone tells us that the time spent creating a company profile is never wasted.

You are an expert in your business, and with a robust online presence, you can answer any questions your users may have—quickly and thoroughly. Additionally, with online reviews on your site or elsewhere on the web, publically available reviews will enhance people’s trust in your business. Even where the reviews are not positive or are comments you prefer not to have publicized, you can strengthen your position by reaching out to unhappy customers and resolving the issue so that your good name stays intact.

Digital Marketing Services Grow Your Brand

Your company’s brand is vital to its success and your company’s online profile is a critical part of that brand experience. Know your brand promises and deliver on these promises to build your brand. Only make promises that you are sure to deliver in order to build a solid reputation and brand.

Another advantage of digital marketing services that grow your online presence is that your brand image, logo, tagline, imagery, and message can be repeated and reinforced multiple times on your website, with limited investment.

Other Potential Advantages of Digital Marketing Services

Potential advantages of integrated digital marketing services to build your online presence, mainly social media can include:

  • Reduced marketing costs
  • Testing messages and what works or resonates with customers
  • Increased sales
  • Increased traffic to your website
  • Improved ranking on search engines
  • Greater customer engagement
  • Greater access to international markets
  • Opportunity for customer feedback
  • Possibility to conduct market research about your customers
  • Enhanced networking opportunities with customers and other businesses

Using Digital Marketing Services to Build Your Roadmap and a Better Online Presence

All Roads Lead to Your Site

Have you ever heard the phrase “all roads lead to Rome?” This comes from the fact that ancient roads were designed to lead to the capital of the Roman Empire. The structure of these roads made Rome very powerful. In our analogy, all “roads,” or web pages, should lead back to your website. Your website is the main storefront or brand representation; your goal is to get other platforms or websites to guide the user to your main company website.

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Did you know that 88% of consumers search for local stores on their mobile devices? Website technology has advanced quite a lot from the early years. Is your website up to date and user-friendly? It is obvious if your site is outdated, so take the time to revise as needed.

Social Media

Most likely you are already on Facebook; have you considered Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, Reddit, and Tumblr—the most commonly used social media sites in the U.S.? We know that worldwide, Facebook is the most popular, and Twitter a close second. 


Top U.S. directories include Google My Business, Yelp,, Apple Maps, and For those of you in the travel industry, TripAdvisor is a must-have. There are hundreds more, but this is a start.

Link Building and Syndication

Email Communication and Text or Chat Messaging


Statistics show that about 20% of people click on the first result in search engines but with billions of sites competing for those top spots, how can you stand out? Writing content with keywords no longer ensures a top position. You must also develop your brand and story and syndicate it on different platforms.


First, you should make sure your site is current and mobile-friendly. Because many users will spend time searching on their mobile device, your website should be easy to read and navigate, no matter which device a person is using to find it.

Social Media

Second, make sure you have a presence on all the major sites. Having social media buttons easily accessible from your website, in your email signature, and a “share” button will get your message out to more customers. Be sure to post and engage with your followers through social to build your network of supporters and advocates.

Link Building and Syndication

Communication via Email, Text or Chat


In marketing terms, optimization is the process of getting a website on the top of pages in search engines. Create dynamic content. Perform foundational technical to comply with SEO practices and add Schema markup. Include more visual elements such as adding video and high-quality images to increase your website’s performance.


Depending on the type of business, target your listing to local, national, and international listings. Think like your target audience and put a listing where they might go to search for your business.

Google My Business

Currently the number one directory used in the U.S., your business will show up with other businesses that have signed up with Google. It will also feature information that you provide, including your business hours, services, pricing, directions, website, and telephone number. The best part? It is free to sign up for this service.

Google Maps is used for directions and information by 82% of people, so your business needs to be found here. You can enhance your GMB profile with frequent posts, images, reliable descriptions, and reviews.


Yelp was once a directory for restaurants, but that has changed. If you are in the retail business, Yelp can be a great source of new and returning customers. According to their recent statistics, shopping is the top category of reviews.

Yahoo Pages

Yahoo is still in the top 10 most visited pages in the world. Be sure to add your business to Yahoo Pages, which will come up for those who use this search engine.

Houzz, Home Advisor, AVVO and other niche directories

Next Door and other Geo-focused directories

Cutting Edge Examples in Digital Marketing Services

A current trend of optimization is Voice Search Optimization. This emerging method is being used instead of text search due to the prevalence of smartphones and voice-activated home assistants.

Voice search optimization means that your site is easily able to give data to customers who may be searching in the form of a frequently asked question instead of a keyword or phrase. Use a more conversational format to both blogs and information on your site, add an FAQ area, and use the phrase “near me” to increase traffic.

Mobile devices, commonly referred to as “third screen,” are ubiquitous. In the world of technology. “the fourth screen” refers to the rise of voice-activated gadgets and Internet of Things (IoT). These devices are making our lives more dependent on technology. The idea that the Internet and connectivity is a part of everyday life, and that we can have any product or service at our doorstep, is the IoT.

One cutting-edge example is the development of driverless cars. Build a website with a strong online presence that also drives traffic, leads, and sales. Get your free downloadable guide today!

In a driverless car, you can sit back and tell the car where you want to go, what kind of music you’d like to listen to, find the nearest gas station, and more.

A Strong Online Presence is a Competitive Advantage

An online presence is no longer a luxury for companies. Instead, it is a necessity for any business, big or small, to thrive in the world today. We are all used to being able to find ideas, concepts, services, and information at the drop of a hat. Be sure that you are providing the information your clients and prospects are looking for. Revitalize your site, add more engaging content, make your content relevant, and reach your core audience with the many different types of optimization.

VIEWS Digital Marketing Agency offers digital marketing services to help you attract new leads, nurture leads through the buying funnel, support current customers and improve your brand reputation and visibility. All of these actions constitute part of the digital marketing services that enhance your bottom line.

We are different from most digital marketing firms because we represent you, not a specific product. We start with the goals of your company and look for the best solutions to match your needs. We have relationships with platforms and providers that can ensure you get a better deal. We are, first and foremost, your digital marketing consultants and act with your objectives in mind.

The Advantages of Digital Marketing Services for Building Your Business

Get found by those searching for your products and services:

  • Make your business accessible 24/7
  • Increase your customer base with greater audience reach 
  • Promote convenient selling with e-commerce sites that have shopping carts integrated with secured payment gateways
  • Create a recognizable brand
  • Market your brand using more affordable solutions as opposed to print methods with smaller readership, billboards with limited reach and TV commercials with costly air time
  • Use social media as a fun way to connect with your customers and potential consumer
  • Get reviews, testimonials, and feedback about your products or services through blog comments and social media interactions
  • Improve customer service by interacting with prospects and clients directly with chats and through social media
  • Gain referrals through user reviews on social media
  • Use online platforms for continuous focus group feedback

Why You Need Digital Marketing Services to Build Your Online Presence

An online presence (or the lack of one) can make or break a business, especially small businesses. The time you dedicate to building an online presence for your business is time well spent. VIEWS Digital Marketing is a digital marketing and social media marketing agency with years of experience helping businesses generate leads. Let us talk to you about the many advantages of digital marketing services, and discover which ones can help you grow your business.

Build your online presence with digital marketing services.

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