Radon-Rid, LLC Case Study

Client Industry: Radon Testing and Remediation 
Website: https://www.radonrid.com
Date of Project Launch: March 2018 

Goals and Challenges: 

  • Radon-Rid had been running PPC ads for years without regular maintenance. 
  • The client was spending money every month without seeing the desired results. 


  • The client wanted to have the AdWords account cleaned up and optimized. 
  • Radon-Rid wanted to target a specific relevant area. 
  • Radon-Rid wanted to optimize the budget and increase ad clicks. 

The Solution: 

  • WSI updated the ads, putting them into the new extended ad format. 
  • WSI set the target area to suit the client’s desired service area. 
  • WSI monitored the ads for 11 months, adding new keywords and negative phrases, as well as creating new ad groups and multiple ads for optimal performance. 


  • How did your WSI solution meet the needs of the client? 
  • The new campaign has resulted in:
    • Increased conversions 
    • Fewer but geo-targeted and more relevant impressions 
    • More clicks 
    • Lower cost per click 
    • Highest Click Through Rate in the History of the account 


WSI’s efforts to improve quality score and fine tune targeting has resulted in all positive changes, the most important one being that there have been conversions each month almost without exception, whereas before, there were few recorded conversions at all.  In addition, the campaign saw the highest click through rate since inception. Clicks are higher, cost per click is lower, and the client has been able to realize results from his investment in PPC advertising, and improve performance. 


We had been doing PPC advertising with Google for several years, with few changes to the campaign once we set it up. We wanted to clean up the ads and asked our Digital Marketing Consultants at WSI to take on the task over the course of three months. At the end of that period, we could see the results were very positive and decided to continue having WSI monitor and update our campaigns on a monthly basis. We were able to ask our consultant to test changes in the target areas, and we have been very pleased to see our audience become more relevant, resulting in recordable conversions. WSI has proven a valuable resource for our marketing efforts.

– Marc Marino, President, Radon-Rid, LLC.