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Radon-Rid, LLC


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Project started March, 2018


Radon-Rid, LLC Case Study

Radon-Rid, LLC is a fully insured, licensed, and certified radon testing, inspection and radon remediation company. Our radon remediation and radon testing professionals are certified by the PA-DEP (Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection) to perform radon testing and remediation services in Chester County, Bucks County, Berks County, Lancaster County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, and Philadelphia County.

The Radon-Rid, LLC team focuses on providing quality, first, last, and always through education, workmanship, and environmental stewardship.

Radon-Rid At Work

Radon-Rid Van in Front of a Home - Radon-Rid, LLC
External Radon Remediation System on Side of House by Radon-Rid, LLC
External Radon Remediation System Unit by Radon-Rid, LLC


PPC Campaign Was Stagnant

Radon-Rid was spending money on advertising without achieving the desired results. Radon-Rid had been running PPC ads for years and was looking for a better return on their investment.

  • The ads needed to be optimized for conversion. 

  • The Ads needed to reach a more targeted audience.

  • The budget needed to be optimized to increase visibility and clicks.


Strategy and Tactics

VIEWS developed a advertising strategy that included:

  • Optimizing the format of the ads to convert viewers.

  • Refining the target area to focus on the desired service area.

  • Continuous monitoring of the performance to identify new keywords, negative phrases and opportunities.

  • Expanding the variety of ad groups and creating multiple ads for optimal performance.

Digital Results

Online Measurements

VIEWS Digital Marketing continuously measures online results and takes the necessary actions to get the desired results.

  • Conversion Rate increased 96.3%.

  • Click Through Rate increased 192.22%.

  • Cost Per Click Decreased 57.36%.

Impact on Client’s Business

Actual Business Results – PPC is Increasing Traffic and Conversions

With every client, VIEWS focuses on real results for the business and getting the best return on investment.

  • Website sessions due to the PPC campaign increased 44.34%. 

  • They receive 11 phone calls on average directly from their ad campaign each month.

  • The more efficient marketing budget means higher return on investment.

What the Client Says

“VIEWS has proven a valuable resource for our marketing efforts.”

We had been doing PPC advertising with Google for several years, with few changes to the campaign once we set it up. We wanted to clean up the ads and asked our Digital Marketing Consultants at VIEWS to take on the task over the course of three months. At the end of that period, we could see the results were very positive and decided to continue having VIEWS monitor and update our campaigns on a monthly basis. We were able to ask our consultant to test changes in the target areas, and we have been very pleased to see our audience become more relevant, resulting in recordable conversions. VIEWS has proven a valuable resource for our marketing efforts.
Marc Marino
Radon-Rid, LLC.