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Competitor Analysis

How to Eclipse the Competition with a Competitor Analysis

“How do I stand out among the competition?” is a question that business owners, regardless of their company size or history, ask themselves all the time. In order to find the answer, your business is going to have to approach these situations carefully and methodically. A digital marketing agency like VIEWS can help you with a competitor analysis.

A competitor analysis is an in-depth examination, review, and interpretation of web data and content that gives insight into your competitors’ digital marketing strategy and tactics. The analysis will also highlight yours and your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. The analysis will help you develop a plan and make smart, appropriate decisions to help you stand above the competition.

A well-done marketing analysis of your competitors has numerous benefits. For one, an analysis will help you preserve your marketing budget and allow you to allocate your resources more efficiently. Instead of spending money blindly, a competitive analysis will help you see which areas of your digital marketing plan need the most improvement.

An analysis also helps you keep track of any changes that occur in your competitive landscape. Markets, businesses, technologies, trends, and consumer behaviors change all the time, and keeping track of these changes is important. A comprehensive plan and analysis that is regularly updated will help you identify any changes in your competitive landscape early and allow your business to adapt quickly.

Another benefit is that, thanks to analyzing your competition, you will be able to better track and measure your digital marketing tactics, leads, and results. Tracking and measuring your results ties into your budget by showing you which techniques give the best return on investment (ROI) and which others need improvement. For example, you may find that a programmatic advertising campaign is working out well for your competitors, and can generate good results for your firm, too.

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If you want an in-depth guide on creating a competitive analysis, you can download our free Competitor Analysis Roadmap. With our How To Guide, you will learn about all of the important aspects of your analysis, such as:

How to Research and Analyze Your Competition

Which Data is Important

Methods to Evaluate Yours and Your Competition’s Performance

VIEWS Helps Clients Be More Effective in Their Industries with Competitor Analysis

Creating a competitor analysis is a key part of your inbound digital marketing strategy. Contact us today and we can provide you the guidance and resources you need to put together a strong competitor analysis so that you can rise above and eclipse your competitors.