The VIEWS Team Cares

The VIEWS team has members in various locations, but one commonality that we have is that we care about our communities. All of our team members have causes that are close to their hearts, and we support each one of those concerns, providing time each quarter for our staff to spend working for the charity of their choice.

image of volunteers in a circle looking down with thumbs up - VIEWS Community Service

In Our Communities

image of volunteers in a circle looking down with thumbs up - VIEWS Community Service

Jenny and Mary, who work as part of our Charlotte team, enjoy helping and providing support for the Community Center of Union County. The shelter provides temporary housing, feeds 100+ people every day, and offers assistance with helping individuals and families get back on their feet. 

Mary says, “Food insecurity is such a problem in our communities, and especially now when many people are out of work due to COVID-19, the shelter needs support to help these individuals.” Over the past five weeks, the Charlotte team and their families have prepared and delivered over 400 sandwiches, along with other needed supplies, to support the “lunch to go” program at the shelter. 


Countertop covered with sandwich supplies - VIEWS Digital Marketing
Trunk of supplies next to community center van | VIEWS Digital Marketing
image of devastation following a tornado in Tennessee in 2020 - VIEWS Community Service

COVID-19 Community Responses

For many organizations, the disruption of social isolation is more dramatic than for others. One example is churches. While many churches have online services already, many smaller churches have not ventured into the realm of online church. Our COO Maryn Williams used her knowledge and expertise with online marketing and services to aid a local church in getting its services online amid COVID-19 restrictions. She developed a plan, outlining the needed equipment and recommended some activity to allow the church’s programs, which include daily services, counseling and missions, to continue.

Some of the recommendations included:

  • Newer iPhone or Computer with camera
  • Streaming platforms or Meeting platforms
  • Mixer
  • Lighting
  • Microphone
  • Backdrops

Tornado Relief

In Tennessee, a tornado crashed through the area in early March taking 25 lives and creating massive destruction in certain areas. The VIEWS team contributed to the fund to help with recovery efforts.

White church building set on grassy hilltop with trees behind | VIEWS Digital Marketing
Inside of Tennessee church, showing empty pews and the altar | VIEWS Digital Marketing