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How to Reach More People with Social Media Advocacy Boosting

October 20, 2022

Social media advocacy is using your existing social networks to help increase your brand’s reach online. One of these social networks is a business’s employees. Employees are already talking about your company, connect to their work, and may have social networks they regularly communicate with. Business staff can be great brand advocates on social media, but getting employees to do so is challenging for many businesses. Their teams may run into the following issues with social media:

  • Unfamiliar with the technical aspects of social media management
  • Lack the creativity to develop engaging organic content
  • Too busy and need more time and resources to post and share content.

That is where social media advocacy boosting can help.

Social Media Advocacy Boosting Increases Your Reach

Social media advocacy boosting tools allow your team to publish and share content across all of your corporate and social media networks simultaneously with minimal input or work needed from your team. So instead of creating content on your corporate pages and asking your team to share or post similar content, one person can publish content for all of your pages, both your company’s and team’s pages.

This allows you to reach everyone in your team’s social networks, exponentially increasing your brand’s social media reach beyond those who follow your corporate pages. Take the image below as an example of how social advocacy boosting tools can increase your brand’s reach.

Social Media Advocacy Boosting in Action

In this example, a company has a following of 1,500 users across its entire social media accounts. The content that the company posts may reach more than that, but doing so requires its followers to engage actively with said content. That business has to hope its content goes viral.

Of course, their team can increase reach by sharing the content, but that often requires asking them to take time out of their busy schedules to post social media content.

Social media advocacy boosting helps by automating and simplifying that process, letting one person schedule content that everyone on their team will publish. This guarantees that your team is sharing and publishing content regularly. What is usually a single post on a company’s social profiles is now a post that every employee posts. As a result, the total number of users the brand reaches is exponentially higher than they would generally receive.

Example of social media advocacy boosting effect | social media advocacy boosting | VIEWS Digital Marketing

Other Benefits of Social Media Advocacy Boosting

In addition to boosting your company’s reach and presence, social media advocacy boosting comes with other benefits for you and your team.

  • Shared content hubs help your team save time in managing your social media content and campaigns
  • Various analytics and metrics help you identify the most engaging, highest-performing content
  • Your staff can see specific leads engaging with your content, so your sales team can reach out to and attract those social media leads to your business.

Boost Your Brand Reach with VIEWS Digital Marketing

If you want to see the benefits of social media advocacy boosting for yourself, contact VIEWS Digital Marketing. Our digital marketing experts can analyze your social media channels and develop a personalized social media strategy to increase engagement using tactics like social media advocacy. For more information, contact our social media marketing experts today!