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Local Search Engine Marketing Services Your Business Needs

October 7, 2022

Do you know how many people search for local businesses? In a November 2021 survey, Statista found that “21 percent of consumers used the Internet to find a local business daily.” In addition, “35 percent of respondents stated that they used the internet for this purpose multiple times every week.” As a result, more businesses are turning to local search engine marketing services to help with their digital marketing efforts. These services help businesses by boosting their local presence, building more links to their companies, and creating relevant content, all to target and convert potential customers.

Local Proximity Boosting

Local proximity boosting is a digital marketing tactic that improves local search engine rankings. This technique is used in an overall local search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, targeting the keywords and locations you want to reach through local landing pages. The next step is creating landing pages optimized for the various combinations of keywords and areas you previously identified. These proximity pages can start ranking in Google in a matter of weeks.

You can increase your reach beyond your immediate local area by ranking highly on valuable, profitable keywords and search terms. With expanded visibility and high local search rankings, your business can generate more leads and traffic to your website.

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Local Link-Building

Link-building is a reliable, tried, and true local search engine marketing service, but link-building requires a different focus for local SEO. Instead of getting many links directed to your website, focus on hyperlocal links.

Hyperlocal links are links from a website or business focused on a specific region or location. These could be links from other local businesses or organizations in a town or city, to even down to websites focused on a particular neighborhood. Some examples of these hyperlocal links include:

  • Local sports teams or leagues

  • Charity organizations

  • Local festivals or events

  • Neighborhood watch websites

One of the reasons to build hyperlocal links is that Google’s local algorithm prioritizes relevant links. Getting links from local organizations is also easier than trying to get links from prominent websites with which you do not have an existing relationship.

Now, link-building can be challenging for businesses to do themselves. So get the help of a digital marketing company that can help develop your link-building strategy and get those hyperlocal links.

Localized Content

Another local search engine marketing service you should take advantage of is localized content pages. These pages need to have content that is relevant to a specific location because of the way Google ranks locally-focused content. For example, when people search for businesses, many often include keyphrases like “near me” or their location in the search. Google responds by providing relevant results as close as possible to the searcher’s location.

These pages effectively tell Google that your business is relevant to your customer’s needs and location. The more those pages are about the local area your company serves, Google will more likely rank your content higher in search results.

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For example, one of these pages might promote a business’s gardening service in Philadelphia. So, the page will have content about various gardening services, the towns or neighborhoods the company serves, gardening-based products, or customer testimonials and reviews. The result is a page with enough optimized, in-depth content, so when someone looks for “gardening services in Philadelphia,” that page is at the top of the results.

Suppose your business services a local region, but your website scarcely mentions the area you serve. In that case, you may be losing out to your competitors. When your potential customers search for your products or services near their locations, you want to ensure that your website is top of the results.

Depending on your serving areas, you may need several pages of localized content. Therefore, you should reach out to a digital marketing agency that can help write and optimize content.

Another example would be specific cities or towns. For example, someone searches for “beach towels” on Google from Miami but not from Tampa Bay. In that case, a business should target both cities and expand outward along highways. So the result is reaching potential customers traveling between cities during their vacation.

Contact VIEWS For Local Search Engine Marketing Services

If you want local search engine marketing services to help boost the number of leads coming to your website, contact VIEWS Digital Marketing. With VIEWS Digital Marketing, a local search engine marketing agency, your website can generate leads and traffic with a comprehensive, personalized local SEO plan. We also incorporate local SEO services, such as social media and paid advertising, to enhance your local online visibility. Contact us today to get started on your local SEO strategy.