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Why Work with An Agency for Your 2024 Digital Marketing Strategy

December 15, 2023
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As 2024 quickly approaches, many businesses are looking back over the past year and evaluating how their digital marketing strategies, tactics, and efforts paid off and, more importantly, what can be done to improve them. Revamping your strategy is much easier said than done, especially if you run a small business with limited resources. You may find professional guidance on updating your 2024 digital marketing strategy is not only helpful but cost effective.

Seeking assistance from a digital marketing agency can help with a strategy review. Small businesses in niche sectors may need more resources to keep up with the fast-paced changes in the marketing landscape. Digital Marketing Agencies have many resources that are simply not cost effective for a normal small business to invest in. Partnering with a digital marketing agency can help companies solve many of the problems they might face when reflecting on their digital marketing efforts.

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Unraveling Common Business Challenges

As the year ends, many small businesses in various sectors need help with 3 core issues with their digital marketing strategies:

  1. Knowing how to measure the success of campaigns
  2. Developing new strategies and tactics
  3. Implementing said strategy and tactics

Below, we will discuss some examples of how small businesses can struggle with these issues with regard to their 2024 digital marketing strategy.

Measuring Digital Campaign Success

Small businesses often need help measuring the success and impact of their digital marketing strategies and campaigns. Some companies may lack the resources to devote time to measuring their campaigns. In contrast, others may lack the expertise and tools to track and analyze their marketing efforts.

For example, Katie has a small business owner who sells handmade jewelry. She recently added Google Analytics 4 to measure the performance of her website. While this is a good step towards measuring her digital marketing performance, Katie may be unfamiliar with the various metrics and reporting features of Google Analytics 4. She sees metrics like Sessions and Engagement Rate. However, she is still figuring out what makes a good number of sessions or what the engagement rate should be. As a result, Katie (and other businesses like hers) may need help determining which pages drive the most traffic and sales, and which ones need improvement. Google Analytics and GA4 are complicated tools that require specialized expertise to gain insights.

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Developing New Strategies and Tactics

Another area that small businesses often need help with is developing new digital marketing strategies and tactics for the upcoming year, even after reviewing the results and ROI of their previous efforts. The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing, from Google algorithm updates that can impact search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to new technology like artificial intelligence (AI) tools. Keeping up with these changes and determining which is the ideal tactic to focus on takes a considerable amount of time and expertise.

For instance, Mark owns a B2B company that provides software solutions to other businesses. After reviewing their digital marketing efforts in 2023, his team found that their campaigns struggled to generate high-quality leads and convert them into paying customers. A Google algorithm update impacted their rankings on Google, and pivoting to new keywords and reworking content on their website is needed to get their lead generation back on track. However, Mark’s team has little knowledge of and experience in SEO. Therefore the team is unsure of how to change their SEO strategy and what that new strategy should look like in 2024.

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Implementing New Strategies and Tactics

Small businesses often need help implementing new digital marketing strategies and tactics, especially if a company needs more resources or people in order to implement them.

For example, Jake owns a local home services company that provides plumbing services. He has a website and social media presence but wants to use paid advertising to reach his target audience effectively. However, while Jake does have someone on his team to manage the company website and social media profiles, that person is busy with many other tasks and is not versed in paid ads. Jake can waste a considerable amount of money in poorly managed ad campaigns as well as employee’s time learning how to conduct a successful paid advertising campaign. So, while Jake and his crew recognize the value of paid advertising, the team’s workload is so large that getting a campaign off the ground is difficult.

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The Power of Partnering with a Digital Marketing Agency

In the examples above and in our experience as a digital marketing agency, we see people who want to grow their companies and improve their previous efforts but often need help. Through a combination of a lack of knowledge, people, and time, companies are simply unable to put their plans into practice. Partnering with a digital marketing agency can change that. An experienced firm can help you with your digital marketing strategy in 2024, from measurement to implementation.

Goal Setting and ROI Measurement

A digital marketing agency can assist businesses in setting measurable marketing objectives that align with overall business goals. By partnering with a team of experts, companies like Katie’s jewelry store can gain valuable insights into their website performance and make smart, data-driven decisions to improve their digital marketing strategy.

For example, suppose Katie wants to increase website traffic and sales. An agency can help her set specific goals, like reaching 500 sessions per month or improving her engagement rate by 15% by the end of the year, and track progress using tools like Google Analytics 4.

Additionally, a digital marketing agency can help businesses like Katie’s understand which pages on their website are driving the most traffic and which ones need improvement. By analyzing data from tools like Google Analytics 4, an agency can identify areas for improvement and make recommendations for optimizing website content and design. As a result, Katie can make the most of her digital marketing efforts.

Strategic Planning

A digital marketing agency can create comprehensive plans that align with business objectives, considering industry trends, competitive dynamics, and budget constraints. This process involves developing a detailed roadmap that outlines specific marketing activities, timelines, and responsibilities.

An experienced agency can thoroughly analyze companies’ current digital marketing efforts, like Mark’s B2B software business, identify areas for improvement, and develop a customized digital marketing strategy for 2024. The agency can help Mark’s team to:

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Conduct a comprehensive SEO audit:

A digital marketing agency can conduct a thorough SEO audit of Mark’s company’s website to identify technical issues, on-page optimization opportunities, and backlink opportunities. Based on the audit’s findings, the agency can develop a customized SEO strategy that aligns with Mark’s company’s business goals and objectives.

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Develop a content marketing strategy:

A digital marketing agency can help Mark’s team develop a content marketing strategy that aligns with their SEO and business goals. The agency can help to identify content gaps, create a content calendar of who should be writing what in a given month, and publish high-quality content that resonates with Mark’s company’s target audience.

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Measure and analyze results:

A digital marketing agency can help Mark’s team measure and analyze the results of their digital marketing efforts. The agency can provide regular reports highlighting key metrics, identifying improvement areas, and making data-driven recommendations for optimizing the strategy. A team that struggled to figure out what to do next now has a detailed, specific direction to focus its efforts.

A team that struggled to figure out what to do next now has a detailed, specific direction to focus its efforts.

Implementing Digital Tactics

Another area where small businesses can get help from a digital marketing agency is implementing digital tactics and strategies. The example we used above, Jake’s plumbing company, highlights how the additional people that an agency provides can help take companies’ strategies and plans off the ground.

An experienced agency can help Jake’s team develop a paid advertising campaign that aligns with their business goals. The agency can also help them implement the campaign, by writing ad copy, doing keyword analysis, specifying the right keywords to target, identifying the target audience with demographic data, and managing the budget.

Moreover, the agency can track the campaign’s performance and provide insights into what is working and what needs improvement. This information can generate leads for Jake’s team while allowing them to focus their time and effort on other vital tasks

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As the digital landscape evolves, setting your sights on 2024 demands strategic foresight. To turn your business goals into a thriving reality, consider forging a partnership with VIEWS Digital Marketing.

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