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3 Ways to Attract Leads through Social Media Marketing Services

November 10, 2022

Social media is an excellent tool for businesses to spread brand awareness and keep people engaged. Companies build off their brand awareness and engagement to generate leads through social media. Specific social media marketing services help different businesses The key is choosing what is right for you. Below are 3 social media tactics that can help attract and generate leads.

1. Social Media Advocacy Boosting

Social media advocacy boosting is one social media marketing service you can use to generate visibility and leads. Social media advocacy boosting tools allow your team to publish and automatically share content across your corporate and social media networks simultaneously with minimal input or work needed from your team.

Usually, people create content for your corporate pages and have to ask everyone on your team to share. With advocacy boosting, one person can publish and schedule your team members to publish or share content to their networks. This allows you to reach everyone in your team’s social networks, exponentially increasing and further developing your brand’s social media reach beyond those who follow your corporate pages.

One of the reasons why these tools can be helpful for lead generation is that you can see who is interacting with your content besides your corporate page’s followers. For example, suppose one person is part of your employee’s social network and constantly interacts with their posts about your business. That person could be an excellent lead to nurture because they express interest in your content and what your business offers.

In addition, because you can see what content leads engage with most, your sales team can quickly identify what products or services the lead is most interested in. This makes nurturing and converting them easier. And because your content is reaching more people, you can increase the number of leads and potential customers who see your content.

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2. Paid Advertising

You can also use ads to attract leads on social media, which can be a great way to build your audience and get leads. One of the great things about social media advertising is that you have many options for different platforms and strategies based on what is best for your business.

  • You have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Reddit, and many more platforms.
  • For strategies, you can focus your ads around a geographic location, interests, or people who have previously engaged with your brand but did not purchase from you.
  • For types of ads, you have images, carousels, videos, and many others. Additionally you most platforms, you have the option to choose what CTA you want to promote

Social media advertising is vast and offers many options. Below is an example of how businesses can use paid ads

Local Leads

Say you own a local business and want more local leads. Ads on platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow you to target specific segments of people, creating a custom audience to advertise to. In this example, the custom audience is people who can visit a local store or receive services.

Another factor in building a custom audience is people already familiar with the local company because those people saw the business’s website, followed the page, or were previous customers. So, by taking advantage of these custom audiences, companies can target leads more likely to become customers than advertising to a more general audience.

3. Publish Engaging, Valuable Content

You are likely posting content on your social media profiles, and you may have an engaged base of users interacting with your social media content. Using content beyond simple photos or videos, you can turn those engaged users into leads. Below are some examples:

Video content like webinars, hangouts, and live streams are great tools for interacting with people and converting them into leads.

Posting on communities like Quora or Reddit is also great for interacting with potential customers by answering questions, publishing information, and offering recommendations.

Content that requires people to provide their contact information can help you stay in contact with people and market and nurture them to become customers. This could be content like eBooks, templates, free tools, courses, and more.

These types of content allow you to stay in touch with your leads because you have some contact information of theirs, like an email address or phone number. Therefore, your sales team will have an easier time reaching out to them. In addition, these people are more likely to be valid leads than people who only engage with your social media content by liking or sharing.

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