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Digital Marketing Strategies for the New Remote Workplace

The WSI VIEWS Digital Marketing team knows that these are unprecedented times. Our team has been brainstorming a mix of digital marketing strategies and tools available to help your business during the social distancing phase and beyond. Some of these ideas might apply to your business today, and many will apply moving forward as the new remote workplace may be here to stay for many companies. Twitter, for example, has announced that WFH will become a permanent aspect of employee work.

Video Calls

One to One Video Calls give business owners, executives, service professionals, and more the ability to interact with customers as well as employees and co-workers. Video calls offer remote face to face real-time connectivity.

Online Meetings

Online Meetings and Webinars provide a way to speak live to larger numbers of people and visually share information online.


Marketing Videos offer a way to visually present products and services to your customers, which can be very informative, particularly when people can see products in use.

Personal Shopping Service

Personal Shopping Services can transform Retailers –from a destination for shoppers to private decision-making consultations that help guide customers’ purchases.

Automated Appointment Setting

Automated Appointment Setting tools allow Customers to schedule themselves by integrating calendars with your website. Online scheduling gives convenient 24-hour access.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a perfect way to nurture prospects and also keep in touch with your customer base. You can get news and specials out to existing customers and stay front of mind with both groups.


Chatbots allow customers to get answers to basic questions and feel that their experience with your company is personal. Chatbots extend the time that your company interacts with clients and save you time because you don’t have to have an employee available to answer those basic questions. They can also allow you to guide the customer to the right person in your company, wherever their work location is.

Social Media

Social Media helps you send current messages about what is happening in your business, such as updates to business hours, order changes, and delivery changes. You can build a rapport with your customers through real-time, interactive communications.


Online advertising will let you ensure your business is visible and keep your sales funnel active during these trying times. Marketing and reaching prospects is a marathon, not a sprint.

Fresh Content Creation

Website Content updates will enhance the information on your website, and this activity is a good use of time. Users currently have more time to search and read the useful information published.

Contact VIEWS Digital Marketing to Help Your Business Take Off

We know that every crisis has a silver lining and maybe finding a new strategy or exploring new avenues can be the value of this crisis. Look to the future and find creative ways of getting there. If there is any way that VIEWS Digital Marketing can help implement new digital marketing strategies for your business, or integrate new digital tactics into your current ones, contact us today.