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Content Repurposing – Ideas and Tricks to Repurpose Content

We have to admit that creating great content takes a truckload of time because of the intensive research and creative writing you’re going to put into it. But content’s success can be measured overtime (backed by a strategic marketing campaign), so the fruits of your labor will pay off in the end.

However as time passes your evergreen masterpiece can be long forgotten. Your “hotspot” content, that gave you tremendous amount of website traffic, can start to lose its luster. An initial course of action is to craft a new post. Then hope for its best success.

This cycle is feasible, if you have a medium to large scale enterprise loaded with a content experts on the job. But for startups and small business owners, this becomes a struggle. Their time and resources will be divided on the tedious task instead of focusing on their businesses’ core services.
In every difficult situation, there’s always a way. This is where content repurposing come into play. “Less is more” can be adapted on a situational basis. For overworked and desperate small-sized entrepreneurs, they can compete in this world by using this adage. How? They can utilize the power of multimedia to re-promote their great content and make a statement again.

We listed a few tricks and tips on how to repurpose content to bring it back to its vitality, go viral in the internet and offline world once more:

  • Infographics are shareable across different social media platforms. Create an infographic about your content.
  • Recreate your content by presenting it on a different way! Try making a slideshow and share it on various video sites.
  • Create a downloadable file or a PDF. Not all of  your audience are computer/internet savvy. Some of them may actually enjoy reading content in print.
  • Refresh, update and republish your content. It’s a good way to get your page re-indexed and noticed by search engines.
  • Highlight important parts of your content and put them into a list. Recreate a new blog post by using the list (don’t forget to link back to your original content for added juice)!
  • Reuse content by incorporating it in an email series to your email lists.
  • Create an ebook as a compilation of the greatest content you’ve ever make. You can monetize it or give it as a freebie to grow your email list or fanbase.
  • Re-promote your content in Facebook, Twitter, Google+,Ello,  Pinterest, Instagram or any other social media platform.
There’s still a ton of activities you can do to promote your great content online. Open your mind to the countless possibilities the internet has to offer. You just need to keep in mind how to reach your market and audience. You see, people learn something from different channels.
Some might grasp a concept through comprehensive reading. Others may easily understand an idea via video. While others can easily learn and get hooked with the use of images. Remember less is more? Create less content, recycle it in different ways and don’t forget to promote it more!