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Ways to Master Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management is the ability to be in control of a businesses’ brand in the media and online world. Like humans, brands should have a positive reputation to gain trust and create a network.

Establishing rapport is the first step; cultivating the initial action requires more effort and a lot of time. A brand should be able to present an impactful connection to get a deeper relationship with its audience. The more effort you put into it, the better and stronger it will be. Brands that hold a good online reputation help a prospect feel more comfortable making a purchase.

How do brands maintain a good status online despite the negativity and aggressiveness of some rude customers? Everyone has their taste and not all of your clients will be pleased with your products and services due to perceived shortcomings. But how do brands, especially local businesses, deal with bad feedback and negative reviews? How do they strengthen their reputation online amidst a competitive field?

The team at WSI has created a useful digital marketing video as we want to show you how to master online reputation management using these five steps:

  1. Listening to your customers and to the people who interacted with your brand.
  2. Targeting web directories that showcase reliable website or product reviews from real customers.
  3. Finding a way to garner honest customer reviews through surveys, one-on-one interaction or transaction.
  4. How to share your brand’s customer feedback online and in print.
  5. Learn how to better your brand’s products and services through honest positive and negative statements or comments from clients.

For more information about these steps, play the video provided below:


If you would like more information on reputation management or need professional help developing an online reputation management strategy, get in touch with us today.