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5 Factors to Create an Effective Ecommerce Strategy

January 26, 2021

During 2020, Ecommerce sales reached an all-time high of 16.4% of total global retail sales, according to eMarketer. The technology surrounding online selling and shopping has also advanced over the years. The growth is impressive and worth taking advantage of but requires a good strategy. Adopting an effective ecommerce strategy will help you reach more audiences and grow your customer base.

5 Factors to Create an Effective Ecommerce Strategy

Crafting an effective ecommerce strategy is the first step to reaching even more customers across the world. Your business has to deliver a quality ecommerce experience to convert prospects into customers. An exceptional ecommerce experience makes a difference between winning and losing customers. The most popular ecommerce websites have also changed customers’ behaviors and expectations. Here are 5 critical factors in creating a better ecommerce strategy and experience to get more sales to convert more customers.

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1. Put the Right Platform in Place

An effective ecommerce strategy begins with establishing the proper website architecture. The right ecommerce technology and architecture will set the foundation for your success. Your selling platform should be scalable, customizable, and mobile-friendly. Mobile performance and design have become significant in recent years. Once you have the architecture in place, you can then start focusing on intuitive design. A quality security system is also vital for ecommerce websites, so your storefront needs proper security measures.

2. Know Your Audience

All retailers know that understanding their target audience helps create a better shopping environment. The same is true for online retailers and ecommerce websites. As part of your ecommerce strategy, you need to have a comprehensive understanding of your target audience so that your website suits their needs and addresses their concerns. A clear understanding of your audience also enables you to reach out to your ideal demographics more efficiently since you know what content resonates with those consumers.

One way to better understand your audience is by creating personas: fictional representations of your ideal audience that help tailor your marketing efforts to reach your actual audience.

3. Help Customers through the Buying Process

A good ecommerce experience should help customers throughout their entire buying process. Home pages need to establish trust right away. For example, place support phone numbers in the header or security and shipping information in the footer. Easy-to-use product navigation and comparisons, search tools, and high-quality images or videos on the product pages are a few features that make the shopping experience engaging. Customers are a core focus in any effective ecommerce strategy. A more engaging shopping experience can lead to higher conversions.

4. Provide Outstanding Customer Service

Excellent customer service is essential for a quality ecommerce experience. Good customer service helps build a loyal customer base, who are more likely to purchase from you in the future. Your online reputation is highly dependent on your customer service, so providing good customer service will improve your review scores and reputation. Having live chat support available tells your customers that you are available to support them.

5. Listen, Learn and Improve

Once your ecommerce store is set up and working, you should always improve and iterate on your website. Both analytics and customer feedback can help inform your design, leading to improved customer experience and higher conversion rates. Regularly examine your website analytics to identify and fix critical problems, such as addressing shopping cart abandonment or improve existing features and design.

Contact VIEWS Digital Marketing for an Effective Ecommerce Strategy

If you plan to create a new ecommerce website or improve your current one, VIEWS can help develop an effective ecommerce strategy for your business. Our team of digital marketing consultants has years of experience providing quality, results-driven digital marketing services to medium-sized companies. We have proven results in building and improving ecommerce websites and storefronts for our clients, increasing their leads and sales. For more information about our services, contact VIEWS today.