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WSI, Digital Marketing Consultants, Philadelphia, Awarded 2014 Constant Contact “All- Star” for Their Effective E-mail Marketing

Philadelphia, PA — March 1, 2015 – WSI Philadelphia was recently named an All-Star by Constant Contact for the 2014 year. Constant Contact is an online source for generating e-mail marketing campaigns. A WSI Philadelphia digital marketing consultant creates these campaigns for the clients that we serve. The campaigns are designed to provide information and promotions about the products or services that our clients have to offer.

Only 10 percent of Constant Contact accounts receive this honor, and there are over 500,000 small business and organizations that use Constant Contact for their e-mail marketing. Being named a 2014 All-Star not only gives WSI local recognition as a business that values our relationships with our clients, but also gives WSI first access and sneak peaks at new products and new features that Constant Contact has to offer. These sneak peaks at new products and exclusive offers benefit the team at WSI, and ultimately, our clients, as we can use these new products and offers to our clients’ advantage by helping sell the products or services of the clients that receive our digital marketing.

An All-Star award is given to Constant Contact customers, (such as WSI), that manage their clients’ accounts and engage with their customers in an exemplary fashion. There is no application process for becoming a Constant Contact All-Star, they are simply chosen by Constant Contact.

The e-mail marketing criteria for becoming an All-Star are as follows: Members must be a customer of Constant Contact for the entire calendar year in review (the entire year of 2014). Members must also communicate with their customers/clients for all four quarters of the calendar year. Furthermore, mailing lists must be updated often and customers must obtain permission from all of their subscribers to contact them. All-Stars must have a high open-rate (how many people open the e-mail in a campaign). This open-rate must average 25% or higher, and they must also have low bounce rates.

Constant Contact All-Stars must use at least two tools in the following list of tools that Constant Contact offers. They can use a web sign-up (or Join My List) tool on their website, use a web sign-up (or Join My List) tool on their Facebook page, use reports to gain insights about their contact list and online marketing activities, use social share tools to share their emails on social networks, add “follow me” buttons in their e-mails, and own or try another Constant Contact tool other than e-mail marketing.

About WSI Philadelphia
WSI Philadelphia has a team of Digital Marketing Consultants that can evaluate business uses their knowledge and expertise in multiple industries to implement successful strategies that can elevate small to mid-sized businesses’ Internet presence and profitability to new levels WSI Philadelphia is part of a global network of Digital Marketing Consultants that have access to numerous resources across the world in order to better serve our clients. To get in touch with an expert at WSI Philadelphia, call (610)-650-0227. You can also learn about the team at WSI and the clients they serve by visiting