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VIEWS Digital Marketing Shares Favorite Holiday Traditions

November 15, 2020

As the year draws closer to the end, everyone at VIEWS is looking forward to our favorite holiday traditions. Many team members share similar traditions: coming together with friends and family, cooking and baking seasonal food, and decorating their homes. Some have more unique traditions to their family or region, such as local gathering or regional delicacies. Here are a couple of the holiday traditions the VIEWS team partakes in and are looking forward to this year.

Family Gatherings & Coming Together

One common tradition among everyone at VIEWS is connecting with friends and family over the holidays. “Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, we see all our family: brothers, sisters, children, grandchildren, and parents.” Maryn Williams says, “I love spending time together to connect on levels that are simply understood by everyone.” Nancy Vinkler says that one of her favorite holiday traditions is everyone in her family gathering together to watch movies, creating a list of all of the films up for the Oscars to see over the holiday season.

“Since moving to Aiken, South Carolina in 2007, one of my favorite traditions begins with attending ‘The Blessing of the Hounds’ in Hitchcock Woods on Thanksgiving morning,” says Kelley Kohr. “Unique to our town, this ceremony marks the opening of the fox hunting season for Aiken Hounds – one of the oldest fox hunts in the U.S.” Sulakshana Dasgupta says that her favorite time of the year is Dussehra. This famous Hindu festival signifies the victory of good over evil. “Celebrated for ten days, Dussehra is my favorite time of the year where friends and family come together to celebrate Durga Puja (an annual Hindu festival), wear new clothes, indulge in delicacies, and participate in cultural performances.”

Family decorating Christmas tree in house | favorite holiday traditions | VIEWS Digital Marketing


Many people will say that the best part of any holiday is the food, and we have our fair share of favorite dishes and food-related traditions at VIEWS. Mary Stewart, for instance, enjoys making pie during Thanksgiving. “For Thanksgiving, we make many pies, typically 2 apple, 2 pumpkin, and usually at least one other variety, so we have lots of leftovers.”

“Whether we are eating, cooking, or baking, holiday sweets we always try to include our hand decorated sugar cookies or decadent Oreo desserts,” says Jennifer Scruitsky. Sulee and Kelley also enjoy baking during the holiday season. Karen and her family like to have puto bumbong (purple rice cake) or bibingka (baked rice cake) for a holiday breakfast.

Dinner plate with Thanksgiving food on table | favorite holiday traditions | VIEWS Digital Marketing

Scott Dewalt’s family likes to have a less traditional meal or feast during the holiday season. “Particularly during Christmas, my family and I like to have appetizers throughout the day instead of the typical three meals. Of course, we still have the same desserts as anyone else,” Scott says. During her holidays, Maryn is always asked to contribute sweet potato casserole, “Which I must admit is awesome.”


The VIEWS team also has our favorite holiday traditions with regards to decorating our homes. “Even as early as September, some houses may already have put up their Christmas trees, cheery lights, parols (Filipino ornamental lantern, traditionally made from bamboo and Japanese paper), and start decorating,” says Karen Gaza. Jennifer enjoys creating handcrafted ornaments with her family to hang on the Christmas tree while her husband and children decorate their home “Griswold” style. The weekend after Thanksgiving, Mary and her family take the time to decorate the tree and their home.

Finally, one of our favorite holiday traditions this time of year is letting our clients and readers know how thankful we are for them and how much we appreciate their support. Whatever holidays you may celebrate, everyone at VIEWS Digital Marketing wishes you a happy holiday season.

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