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Using Buyer Personas for Marketing Success

If you’re a business owner, you instinctively know who your company’s buyer personas are. The question is, how well do you market to them?
Marketing personas or buyer personas are a representation of your target market. From a marketer’s perspective, buyer personas are your ideal customers. An in-depth understanding of your buyer personas allows a business to almost personalize campaigns, content, and solutions to their specific needs.  And more importantly to develop products and services the personas want.

The Importance of Buyer Personas

One doesn’t build a business just to have a business. It takes time, effort and a lot of hard work to make it thrive and successful. Among the biggest blueprint of a business success greatly relies on market research. It is where buyer personas are created. To get a full grasp of what makes your prospected customers, you need to understand what makes them curious and what makes them tick.

Buyer personas are usually crowdsourced, or data gathered from your actual customers through surveys and interviews. Depending on the type of business you’re in, a buyer persona can be as few as one or two or can be as many as ten. It may sound overwhelming at first, but you can always start small and develop later on.

Buyer Personas as Guide for Marketing

Having a thorough understanding of what your ideal customers want, needs and dislikes, you can come up with marketing content and messages that appeal to your audience. ‘Personalization’ in words is vital to nurture your prospects and keep your customers to purchase your products again. If you feed them what they want, they are likely to trust your brand and even become loyal fans.

Creating Buyer or Marketing Personas

There are several resources you can analyze to know more about your ideal customers. As we stated earlier, it can be from the first-hand source from gathering information through personal interviews, polls, or surveys. Here are some other methods on how to collect data to help you develop your personas:

    • Website Analytics – You can use the data from your site analytics and found out which top content is usually read from time to time. Analyzing data from your site and how they found your site gives you an idea of which type of content they consume and like.
    • Read feedback and reviews – If you have developed a customer review system collection, you may want to start reading their reviews to get an idea how your customer feels about your products and services. Feedbacks from your clients are gemstones as you can improve weaknesses and nurture your business strengths.
  • Talk to your sales team – Your sales team are your first persons or brand ambassadors in your business. Ask them how the customers and prospects interact with them inside the store. Are they looking for something else that our company does not offer? How do they react about the pricing? The question list may go on.

Creating a buyer persona may seem daunting especially when you’re new in the business. You don’t have to worry! We have an awesome resource to help you create your buyer persona for your business. Download our Buyer Persona Guide today to help you get started! Enjoy!