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Stein Tree Service


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Project started September, 2016


Stein Tree Service Case Study

Founded in 1983 by Jeff Stein, Stein Tree Service is the oldest independently owned tree care company in Delaware.

The company is passionate about tree care and offers exceptional service to Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland residents and business owners.

Services include tree trimming and removal, emergency storm clean up, plant health care (PHC), emerald ash borer and other pest treatment, right-of-way clearing and more.

Your Trees – Our Passion is Stein Tree Service’s motto.

Stein Tree Service At Work

Stein Van | Stein Tree Service Stein Van | Stein Tree Service
Stein worker using spider lift to trim tree | Stein Tree Service Stein worker using spider lift to trim tree | Stein Tree Service
Jeff Stein, Certified Arborist | Stein Tree Service Jeff Stein, Certified Arborist | Stein Tree Service


Establishing Brand Recognition in a Competitive Market

When Stein Tree Service approached us, they had good word of mouth referral business. They wanted us to help them establish a stronger online presence, increase business in a neighboring state, and prepare to enter a new service area in their industry.

  • They had a website, which was not generating enough relevant traffic or engagement.

  • Organic traffic to the site was low with an average of 50% referral traffic, a good portion of which was spammy.

  • Stein was found for 4 organic keywords on the first page of search results.

  • The website had duplicate content.

  • The company was competing against a large franchise in the area.

  • The company was preparing to branch out into emerald ash borer treatment, which was a growing problem in Pennsylvania and would become a concern for Delaware as well.


Strategy and Tactics

VIEWS developed a well-rounded digital marketing strategy and campaign that included:

  • Design and creation of a mobile-responsive, high-performing website built around targeted audiences

  • Search Engine Optimization program

  • Content development program including incorporation of engaging videos

  • Social Media Digital Advertising campaigns

  • Optimized Social Media profiles

  • Call tracking and conversion tools

  • Monthly Analytic reports to track performance and make adjustments

  • Ongoing strategic consulting

Digital Results

Online Measurements Success!

VIEWS Digital Marketing continuously measures online results and takes the necessary actions to get the desired results.
Since 2016:

  • Overall 15% more website visitors

  • Organic website traffic increased by 192%

  • Increased search engine position on Page One from 4 keywords to 139 keywords with 35 keywords in the top 3 positions

  • Form submissions increased 1059%

  • Sessions from the targeted new area increased 11.88%

Impact on Client’s Business

Actual Business Results – Digital marketing is Working

With every client, VIEWS focuses on real results for the business and getting the best return on investment.

  • Stein receives 30 phone calls on average from their website each month

  • Stein has received an average of 47 contact form submissions per month in the past 2 years

  • Brand presence increased with over a million search engine impressions in 2020

What the Client Says

“The results have been so positive…”

VIEWS Digital Marketing helped us to get our website optimized, resulting in a higher level of engagement by potential customers. The VIEWS team is committed to getting results for us. They created and implemented an effective SEO strategy, created engaging content, and have recommended changes and updates as needed over the last 4 years, including a website update. As a result of our work with VIEWS, our calls and requests for service have increased and our business service area has expanded. I really recommend VIEWS as a company that has worked to understand my goals and do the work necessary for us to see the desired results.”  

Jeff Stein
Owner/Founder ISA Certified Arborist
Stein Tree Service