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Stats to Help Business Owners Gain Social Media Success

Did you know that most retail brands (around 91%) use two or more social media channels?

Both leading and local brands leverage the popularity of social media to communicate with their audience. Different social platforms can act as a great custom-relationship-management (CRM) tool to engage with your follower base and customers – a good way to reach a wider audience and gain loyalty!

Don’t be part of the 9% who haven’t adapted the newest trend! Start building your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest profile and connect to the millions of users online. To meet your business’ social media success, here’s an infographic to help your brand get noticed online and spruce your social game.

Do you want your business to make an impact in the social sphere but don’t know how to start? Let our digital marketing specialist help you establish and attain social media success for your brand in the social world. Fill in your details and a representative will contact you as soon as possible.