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Social Marketing Through Digital Transformation

Social marketing is a widely used online campaign technique. Most businesses try to keep up with the latest trends as that continually evolve and at a fast pace. If your company can’t keep up, your competitors will start outshining you. Don’t give up.  Just embrace the rapid changes in social selling and social marketing! 

Maybe it is time to take a breath and reflect on where you are and where you have been before you create a strategy and game plan for where you want to go. Marketing automation and social selling have taken traditional sales promotion techniques and turned them into analytics based sales promotion. Whether your company is prepared for it or not, there are new developments happening in the marketing industry every day.

We think there are five phases of Social Marketing and Social Selling:

  1. Selective Social Activity
  2. Formal Linkedin Training and Tactics 
  3. Social Selling
  4. Digital Selling
  5. Digital Transformation

For more information, follow this digital transformation article. The content will tackle each phase of Social Marketing and help you gauge where your company and sales team stand.  

Time is of the essence, and every marketer knows that every second counts. WSI Websense would like to introduce you the seven important apps for social marketers that come in handy on desktop, tablets and cellphones. You can run and monitor your social selling and social marketing campaigns anywhere, anytime and on-the-go!