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Pay-per-click and Social Advertising

One of the many frustrations a small business owners undergoes is getting their products noticed online. Competing against a well-known brands in your industry is another burden. But how can these small businesses thrive and stay in the competition knowing that their budget is scarce compared to those business tycoons? This is where social ads can make a big difference in your tight marketing budget campaign.

The value of social advertising

We keep stating this, people (aka prospects and potential customers) are spending a lot of time using social media. The statistics table shown in the left depicts the percentage of adults (people with buying power) who use social media websites during the 2012-2014 period. This data gives every business a glimpse into their audience and which platforms to put your efforts into creating social ad campaigns.

Advantages of paid advertisements on social sites

As an online marketer, we have a truckload of ideas, campaigns and tasks that we know will help our clients’ business to grow – brand management, email marketing, mobile marketing, content marketing, and SEO to name a few. But for local business owners who have very limited campaign fund, it is wise to create a strategic plan that can reach a larger audience with a smaller yet valuable investment.

Here’s a bulleted benefits of social targeting with ads:

  • Facebook, LinkedIn and the other social sites hold a user’s information – name, location, birthday, company and their interest. With that being said, you can simply segment your market and target your audience using their demographics!
  • Feel free to choose a campaign for your social page – per impressions or pay-per-click. Depending on the scope of your audience, you can do A/B testing for both marketing models then settle for the one that converts well.
  • Social ads are cheaper (for now) so increasing your ROI may be more likely than when using search engine paid ads (which is more saturated and costly).

Always remember to do research with your targeted market’s social activities before planning your campaign. For example, if you business focuses on B2B, we suggest creating campaigns on LinkedIn rather than Facebook or Twitter. Every business’ needs and marketing campaigns are unique in their own way. You’ll need to be willing to test options to find what’s suitable and best for your company. If you need help in your digital advertising and marketing campaign, we can help you every step of the way.