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SEO Experts in Philadelphia Describe Five Key Components to Improve Customer Acquisition

The digital marketplace of today is becoming increasingly crowded and getting one’s business message across can be a great challenge, SEO experts from Philadelphia can help you sort through the chaos. The key to maintaining a loyal customer base is to follow a digital marketing plan and consistently follow the digital marketing plan. Here are five key components for improving customer acquisition that SEO experts from Philadelphia recommend that can take your business to the next level, resulting in a stronger and loyal client base that will help bring success to your business in the digital marketplace.

  1. Research the Right Direction – The starting point for an effective marketing plan is researching your market. Conducting SEO research and a competition analysis for your customer will start you off in the right direction.
  2. Creatively Craft and Curate – Once you are aware of which search terms you should be targeting, you can confidently address and curate the content formats that will work best for your client. These types of content can include how to articles, case studies, testimonials, reviews, guest publications and industry news to help attract your market audience. You will know where to post your content (in a blog, social media, etc) in order to maximize exposure and gain customer loyalty.
  3. Frequently Analyze Activity – You can remove the need for guesswork. You can set up your calls to action and goal conversion tracking in your analytics or marketing automation tools. This will show you how the campaign is performing and in real-time.
  4. Make Data Driven Marketing Decisions – The marketing insights you receive from tracking online customer behaviors, such as referring websites, most popular content and social media activity and email opens and clicks, will help you make better marketing decisions. Better marketing decisions will translate into a more effective overall campaign and a greater return on investment.
  5. Be Mobile Friendly First – The latest Google algorithm changes have greatly impacted mobile search. Elements like page speed, a responsive site design and local search optimization are becoming more important than ever. If campaigns fail to be mobile friendly, you will miss out on the rapidly-growing mobile audience that can be a large source of customer base for your campaign.

Consistently following these five key steps for digital marketing will position you to grow and maintain an actively engaged customer base. A strong and loyal customer base will help your business succeed and grow your client base. Our SEO experts in Philadelphia can assist you with preparing your digital marketing plan, get in touch today by calling 610-650-0227 or visit