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QR Codes and Mobile Marketing Opportunity

While it is true that QR codes are not always used properly, like when you scan one and are redirected to a non-mobile-formatted web page, and there are many that are used inappropriately. This is a missed opportunity not a condemnation of the capabilities.

Mobile Marketing Isn’t Just a QR Code

QR CodeAs developers and users expand their use of mobile we will all learn just how powerful mobile marketing can be. There is so much more that could be done for your business when it comes to how people interact with you via their mobile devices. The nuances and opportunities are vast, and the ability to drive off the path and crash your would-be customer off the path to your door are almost equally big.

First, if you have a QR code pointing to a non-mobile-friendly URL, what’s your hope? If you deliver someone to a page that requires they squint, scroll, and otherwise manipulate content in an uncomfortable way, that’s the first experience that person will have with your company. Second, if you are simply using QR codes to redirect people to a URL, you’re missing a lot of opportunities for prospecting, for data delivery, for better service of the customer.

How cool would it be to have a QR code that delivers different recipes or food suggestions to go with a certain wine, broken down by region, such that folks in Boston might see a New England Clam Chowder recommendation and people in San Antonio might see a Firehouse Chili recipe. Depending on the systems you have in place, you can do a lot of really interesting work for your prospect that goes well beyond sending someone to your site. QR codes offer a quick and targeted way of delivering to us the information we want without the headaches of fat finger searching. Who doesn’t want that?

And That’s Just the Beginning?

How much of your website traffic is coming from mobile browsers. (If you can’t answer that question, reconsider your web management technology, and/or the person in charge of telling you that answer). If you’re like most companies, that number is up significantly and climbing. What are the top holiday gifts this year? Smartphones, tablet computers, and thinner laptops.

Where do you want them to point those devices? Towards your business.
If you’ve not built out your mobile marketing, that’s something to consider budgeting for in 2012, and now would be the time to start working on it. We would be happy to talk with you about that, to see what you could be doing to convert more sales via your mobile channel.