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Philadelphia Digital Marketing Consultants Describe Five Ways to Increase Brand Recognition

Certain brands are easily recognizable because of a jingle, mascot or other related factor that is associated with a specific brand. Digital marketing consultants in Philadelphia can assist you in ensuring that your brand is recognizable and associated with positive attributes. Your target audience should instantly recognize your brand and think of your brand first when they are ready to make a purchase of goods or services. There are five key strategies to use to increase brand awareness and to ensure that you remain visible throughout your clients’ buying cycle.

1. Extend Your Reach with Google AdWords Ad Extensions – You can include additional calls to action or site links within your advertisement that help to increase the likelihood of prospective buyers going to your website and/or purchasing your product or services. You can enhance your message with this additional information. For example, a “click to call” button that is listed directly with your advertisement encourages prospects to contact you directly and right away.

2. YouTube Advertising Be Seen – YouTube has over one billion users and is the world’s second-largest search engine. The importance of utilizing youtube advertising is apparent with this statistic alone. Three-hundred hours of video is uploaded every minute.

3. Improve Promotion Using Google’s Display Network – If you have a presence on the Google display network, your advertisement will be seen in appropriate and relevant places. Your ad will be seen on a plethora of websites that are relevant to your customers. Using creative formats will also help to increase your reach.

4. Stay Top-of-Mind with Remarketing – Improve brand awareness through remarketing. Your advertisements will be shown to those who have recently visited your website. This helps your business to stand out among competitors through each stage of the buying cycle.

5. Do Not Forget Your Mobile Audience – Google has introduced a significant update to their search engine algorithm and is now weighing more heavily the mobile-friendliness of your website. If your site is mobile friendly, you stand a greater chance of being visible to potential customers and if your site is not mobile friendly, you risk losing customers to competitors that do have mobile-friendly websites.

These five sure-fire ways for improving brand promotion will help your brand stand-out from the crowd and give you a greater ability to gain new customers and keep current customers. Following these five strategies will ensure that your brand remains top-of-mind for consumers when they are making a purchase decision. If you would like assistance with your brand promotion, contact digital marketing consultants in Philadelphia today by calling 610-650-0227.