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Personalization Marketing – The Power of Simple Human Connection

What makes a shopping experience worthwhile? Is it the value of the product or service, a superb customer service or a combination of both? Several factors can affect our shopping experience. Most people do not know that a small hint of personalization and human connection can make the experience memorable and unique. Personalization is important for in person purchases but even more important for online shoppers.

How it Works

Let us say you’re browsing a bag in Amazon, the website returns a set of items that fits your search term. In this particular situation, Amazon knows what you are trying to find – giving them a signal to return recommendations and suggestions that are similar to what you have clicked and browsed. It makes your search and window-shopping experience more personalized.

Once users have seen many products, there may come a point where they are confused on what he or she will buy. This is where the 1:1 personal marketing can enter the scene. A user can ask for help by clicking the live chat or could make a phone call to ask for further assistance. The data tells us that consumers actually appreciate marketers who use their data correctly. After all, when was the last time you got mad at Netflix for suggesting a totally awesome movie that you’d never even heard of?

A human connection is initiated when two people started communicating – it could be on a personal level, through phone or even the via chat. Building rapport and addressing the customer’s needs is the seller’s priority. The conversation itself can affect a user’s decision to buy or leave without purchasing. This is a tricky situation so address it with caution.

Make it Matter

Start building rapport and start giving suggestions based on their stated needs. Having a real connection and having an “actual conversation” makes buying and selling more interesting and memorable. Handling the conversation appropriately improves the chances that a sale is likely to happen. When a customer is greatly satisfied with both your product and how you made a connection with them, they are likely to become “regulars” whenever they need to purchase your products and services again.

This simple method of 1:1 Marketing and connecting with people brings out authenticity and a genuine feel that not all business establishments can deliver. Be creative and start connecting with your clients and prospects wholeheartedly.

Technology created a distance between the seller and the buyer that was unheard of just a few years ago. Technology is now creating methods of connecting which we did not have previously which we call “Personalization”. When done correctly – from the heart – 1:1 marketing has great potential to help your business or brand. It’s also the way of the future, as discussed in our mobile marketing whitepaper. But before moving straight to mastering the art of technology and personalization, make it a goal to elevate the levels of human connection in your marketing and customer service.

Contact me to talk about the various ways you can use personalization to connect with your customers.

Oh and if you want a little feel good about how 1:1 Marketing and Personalization can benefit everyone, check out the customers and employees of West Jet. And remember to ASK FOR IT!