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How Marketing Automation Turns Visitors Into Leads

Marketing Automation might be the best thing since sliced bread – at least for marketers. In the world of digital marketing, the methods that were once efficient may not be as effective today. Innovation and technology evolve every minute making an impact on the marketing profession as well widely affecting our everyday lives.

With the advent of technology for marketing came many new, yet mundane and repetitive tasks. The question changed from what to do to how to get it all done in just eight hours of work. Companies and professionals have looked for ways to successfully manage their time, complete these task and stay creative and engaged! In reality, 24 hours a day is simply too few hours to accomplish the tasks. Luckily,  innovation and technology have rescued the marketer and are here to help automate repetitive tasks!

WSI Websense’s latest digital marketing video brought information about adding the efficiency conversation to the marketing field. Every marketer knows that turning visitors into leads is challenging and daunting. With the help of marketing automation, generating leads and converting them into customers has never been this easier! Watch our video to get a strong grasp how the system works.

Steps to Turn Visitors Into Leads with or without Marketing Automation

#1 Identify your audience.

Before anything else, every business should know their target audiences. Identifying your top prospects will enable you to create landing pages that speak to the vulnerabilities and needs of your target audience. Once identified, you are off to a good start!

#2 Sales and Marketing Alignment

Medium and large-sized businesses often have different departments for sales and marketing. These two units should align sales and marketing goals and understand each other’s role in accomplishing these goals..

#3 Develop creative yet valuable content.

Every digital marketer knows that content is king! Each piece of content should be relevant and specifically target various points of the marketing automation funnel for that business and that particular target audience.
Marketing automation success depends on the content being integrated with the overall process in the most logical method.

#4 Lead Nurturing

Every lead or prospect has its unique identity. Use the different channels marketing automation systems offers to nurture your leads. Let automation perform the tasks inside the multi-channel network.

#5 Test, Rinse, Repeat

Marketing automation is complicated. There’s no perfect method to attain its success. However, through multiple tests and experiments, one may find a way to make the system work for their business to generate leads and eventually turn leads into customers.