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Mobile Marketing, The Future is Now Here!

Technological advancement has it reached its peak, or is it just starting? The rise and rapid development of gadgets – from desktop computers to smartphones and tablets has changed the game in internet marketing. Traditional internet marketing may not work well with mobile devices. Is your business ready to take a leap into the next generation of reaching out to a whole new audience?

Adapting to change is hard, especially if you’re going out of your comfort zone – but it’s just how the world is and we all have to go with the flow. With an increasing number of mobile users, your potential customers have switched the way they surf and find stuff online. Is your website mobile-friendly? If not, you’re losing a significant number of prospects and clients! Here are some pointers and practices to consider in making your website mobile site friendly.

  • Be certain that your website is easily viewed on a mobile device by creating a mobile responsive website. This is by far the easiest and most cost-effective way to retain your site visitors, both mobile and desktop users, as your website can be viewed well using any device. Although some of your content may not appear aesthetically appealing when seen through a mobile phone, as long as your website works and adapts both in portrait and landscape orientations, you’re in for a smooth sail!
  • Be sure the most relevant content is front and center on mobile devices.  Don’t make people search when they are in the car or walking and looking for directions or want to make a call.
  • Make your website load fast. People are becoming more impatient these days and you’re out of the loop if your website doesn’t load within 3 seconds. It’s always best to have your website site speed tested frequently, avoid using heavy graphics and tone down the use of videos and flash.
  • Consider having an app for your business. Developing your own app is time consuming and costly. But the benefits you’ll reap may be worth it especially if you run an ecommerce store or you have the budget and resources to do so. Your business and site can perform perfectly on smartphones and tablets and you can release notifications straight from their devices with the help of your app!

This is just the tip of the iceberg on what you need to consider as we move to a more mobile society.  But don’t get left behind!  Do you need help in finding the right software and app developer for your business? Contact us for a consultation. And as a token of appreciation for reading the entire blog, here’s a complimentary Mobile Marketing Kit that can help your digital marketing in the year 2015!