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Learn How a Digital Marketing Consultant from Philadelphia Can Improve Customer Engagement with Inbound Marketing

The difficulty of standing out in the marketplace can simplified by utilizing the services of a Philadelphia digital marketing consultant. The Internet has presented even greater challenges for brands to get noticed. However, if used correctly, the Internet can be a medium for your brand to grow and gain attention from current and new customers.

Inbound marketing will help you stand out because you are helping the customer, rather than simply trying to sell them a product. By getting to know your audience, you can help them with their needs and wants. Being a trusted source of information to the customer, ensures that you will be the person they come to for help. Here are five tips to assist you with your inbound success.

Create Buyer Personas – Segment your customers into different personas with different characteristics to get a better understanding of your audience and thinking about what makes each specific persona “tick.” Understanding their role, business goals, challenges, search behavior, likes and dislikes, industry issues and competition is very important. You can use your online metrics to investigate, research and collect data. Understanding the “story” of different buying personas will you help better reach each specific group.

Nurture Leads Using a Sales Funnel – At every stage of the sales funnel, you should be able to add value to the customer. You need to inform, educate and keep in contact with the customer.  A digital marketing consultant in Philadelphia will assist you with attracting and informing your customers so that you can create conversions that lead to higher profits.

Leverage Quality Content – Using offers like ebooks, videos or webinars, you can gain more information about your client. The information that you are able to gather helps to inform your buyer personas and better qualifies your leads. Strike the balance between the perceived offer value and the information that you ask for.

Converting Landing Pages – Ensure that the landing pages you use are following best practices guidelines. Bolding your call to action(s) or making it stand-out in some fashion will increase the likelihood of a conversion. You can also make an additional offer or present additional information on “thank you” pages, (the page that appears after a conversion).

Multiply Your Efforts Using Workflows – Automating your workflows for part of this process is great for lead nurturing. Workflows can assist with having regular content flowing to the customer. By designing the right kind of workflow, you can ensure that the customer sees the information/content that you want them to see, (regarding their particular buying persona).

A digital marketing consultant in Philadelphia can help you better understand inbound marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns. If you need assistance standing out in the marketplace and want to learn more about how inbound marketing can help, get in touch today by calling (610)-650-0227.