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How to Use the YOOtheme Builder

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The YOOtheme Pro page builder allows you to create page layouts for your website with ready-to-use section, grid, and content elements. These elements can be easily added and arranged, while a preview screen allows you to see your changes visually and in real-time.

The layout library also provides a number of pre-built page layouts that can be used as a starting point. You can create a new page layout from scratch or import an existing layout from the Library.

Getting Started

After starting a new page or post, click the blue YOOtheme Builder button. (Prefer to use the Classic Editor?

Tip: Remember to select the Save Page button each time you change the layout. If you cancel or leave the page builder, all layout changes since the last saving will be discarded. 

Click the plus icon to add a new section, row, or element. You can edit sections and rows by clicking the pencil icon to edit sections and rows. Click on the element itself to edit it. Hovering over the element will show you the option to Copy, Save in Library, or Delete.


YOOtheme builder elements list WordPress

Each element contains individual settings to adjust style and display, as well as Advanced settings for additional functionality options.

Accordion: display a stacked list of items that can be expanded and “collapsed 

Alert: display an error message

Button: display one or multiple buttons aligned horizontally

Code: display multiple lines of code in a preformatted text block

Countdown: display a countdown timer to a specific date

Description List: display a list with customizable descriptions

Divider: display a horizontal divider

Gallery: display multiple elements, typically images, within a grid format

Grid: display multiple Panel elements, including text and headlines, within a grid

Headline: display a headline

Html: insert custom HTML code

Icon: display a scalable vector icon

Image: display an image with an optional link

List: display a list of text with or without typographical symbols

Map: display a map with markers

Newsletter: display a newsletter signup form

Overlay: display an image with a content overlay

Panel: display text with an image optionally styled like a card

Popover: display an image with markers, which open popovers

Quotation: display a quotation

Slider: display an image slider of multiple images

Slideshow: display an image slideshow with navigation options

Social: display icons linking to social media accounts

Subnav: display a horizontal navigation

Switcher: display a tabbed navigation panel with transitions through content slides

Table: display a table

Text: add text and format using standard formatting options

To Top: display an icon that scrolls back to the top of the page on click

Video: display a local video or a YouTube or Vimeo video

WP Area: display a section from Widgets

WP Widget: display a specific widget

WSI Blog Grid: display a grid of blog posts or pages

WSI Slider: display an image slider of multiple images with customizable options

My Elements

To save one of your elements including its content and settings, hover over it and click the Save in Library button. The “My Elements” tab shows a list of your configured and saved elements with their content and settings. Click to load it into the current layout. Elements can also be renamed and/or deleted.

Last updated: July 2019