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The Importance of the Web Analytics Report

Your website analytics report can offer more than just numbers and trends. It’s a goldmine that is full of bountiful data that gives webmasters a peak into how their site visitors behave. If you want to give your prospects and customers an impressive user experience, we created a video on the top five analytic reports you should regularly review.

5 Profit Pulling Analytics Reports to Regularly Review

#1 Referral Sites Report

Among the goals of digital marketers is to establish quality links. Even though there are rumors that link building has been tagged as “spam” by Google, building, quality links is still vital for you off-page search engine optimization campaigns.

At some point, pulling the referral sites report will give a webmaster and marketer an idea of how the link building campaigns are performing. Once you have a clear understanding of the backlinks and places that drive traffic to your website, you can begin to build the rest of your digital strategy on this data.

#2 Content Engagement Report

Understanding how your visitor behaves especially on which content topics they usually like to read and find most engaging on your site is an essential data point for future content marketing strategies.

#3 Landing Page Report

Landing pages are the crucial aspect of a website as their primary purpose is to convert website visitors into leads and customers. From the landing pages report, you’ll get an idea of how your visitors react and how well your sales pitch efforts are functioning. The data provided will enable you to improve landing pages for more conversions, leads, and sales.

#4 Site Search Report

Pulling the site search reports give you an idea what keywords your visitors are using to get to your website. Moreover, this will also give you an idea which pages and keywords are performing very well in search engines.

#5 Mobile Performance Report

The mobile revolution took its toll early in 2015! Almost everybody uses smartphones to browse the internet. It is important to regularly check your site’s mobile performance report and immediately act on issues seen to provide quality performance for both mobile and desktop users.

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