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How to Create Shareable Content that Dominates Social Media

Everyone tries to create shareable content.  Did you ever wonder how sites like Buzzfeed gets a thousand views and social shares each day? Based on our own observations posts that contain numbers or lists are more easily read and shared because:

6 Ways to Write Sharable Content

#1 Write a Catchy headline

You wouldn’t be in this page if the headline of our article didn’t get your attention right? If you want your content to be shareable, come up an attention-grabbing headline that will serve as ‘bait’ to your readers. Always make sure that what you give is what your readers will actually get – say no to trolls and spams!

#2 Straight-forward messages

People have short attention spans these days. In order for someone to finish what he or she is reading online, keep your content short and on point. Make the message concise and straight-forward.

#3 The topic is a popular trend.

Anything that is currently ‘in the now’ can be viral for a matter of days or even hours! Are you currently watching a popular television series that is closing to its season finale? You can simply make a list of your top reasons why the season ender is a fab or flop and publish it online. People who have the same interests as yours or watch the show will likely comment or share your work.

#4 The topic is very relatable.

Even though you don’t have a major in journalism, you’re article will be a great hit if you write something that is very relatable and true to life. You’ll be flooded with comments, shares and likes with people who happen to have the similar experience as yours.

shareable-content#5 Use of funny and relatable images, Vines or GIFs.

Memes and GIFs are everywhere – almost all viral content has them. These are used to portray a particular expression that every person may express while reading the content; human connection.

#6 The article has great value worth sharing.

The content might be short but the addresses the basic message.. These short, list articles make an impact that is definitely worth sharing quickly with friends and family. Always remember, quality over quantity.
Shareable Content is not easy to create but if you follow these steps you will have a good chance to get phenominal views! Learned something new today? If you liked our article, feel free to share it with your network!