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How Social Media Can Increase Exposure

February 16, 2023

A business’s social media presence is essential to building brand awareness and engaging with potential clients. The challenge some professional services, such as law, accounting, and real estate companies face is knowing how to build social media exposure and which tools and tactics to use. An excellent strategy for increasing social media exposure is using social media advocacy: a marketing tactic that can better use content and a firm’s employees to build a trusted network of social connections.

Why Is Social Media Important For Your Business?

While professional service companies often find maintaining an active social media presence challenging, doing so can help you win out over your competition who is not engaging on social media. In addition, using social media to get in front of your audience is a great way to engage with current and potential clients and establish yourself as an expert in your field.

Succeeding on social depends on various factors, including consistency, relevance, reputation, and customer-focused content. Having time to manage all of this can be a full-time job alone! Social media advocacy boosting is a method that allows a firm increased exposure to messages while saving them time. Read on for more on social advocacy boosting. Or, if you would like to get in touch with us immediately to see how we can help your firm with social media, send us your info here so we can get in touch.

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Why Should Professional Service Organizations Use Social Media Advocacy Boosting?

Social media advocacy boosting has the benefit of helping firms increase social media exposure. According to the ABA Legal Technology Resource Center’s 2021 Legal Technology Survey Report, most legal professionals use social media for career development & networking, and client development. However, to do so, professionals need to be active on social media, which can be challenging given their busy schedules and heavy workloads.

Advocacy boosting allows businesses to have a more active social media presence by automating the posting and sharing of content. As a result, the business’s content can reach more people, exposing a larger audience to your brand messaging.

How Do Advocacy Boosting Tools Work?

Social media advocacy boosting automatically shares content on your social media accounts. These accounts can include your firm’s and your employee’s pages. So instead of creating content on your corporate pages and asking your team to share or post similar content, one person can simultaneously publish content for all of your pages, both your company’s and team’s pages.

Automatic sharing means that when your firm publishes content on social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, your employees can let the tools publish and share content for them rather than manually log into their profiles and post or share content themselves.

How Social Advocacy Tools Promote Social Media Exposure through Employee Advocacy

These advocacy tools result in your content reaching more people and increasing exposure to your firm — one of the reasons why is that social media is a powerful form of employee advocacy. Employee advocacy is having your team promote your brand and shares your content with their social networks.

So rather than your company’s social content only guaranteed to reach those who follow your pages and hope the content goes viral, your employees can post about and share it on their profiles to their followers. As a result, you can expand your brand’s reach to their social networks, even to people who may not follow your corporate pages. This also sends a message to followers that the employees are proud of their brand, which sends a positive message to your audience.

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An Example of Increased Exposure from Social Media Advocacy Boosting

For example, say a law firm has a following of 1,500 users across its entire social media accounts. The content the firm posts can reach more people, but that requires its followers to engage and share with said content. The same goes for that firm’s employees: the team needs to take time out of their busy days to post social media content.

Social media advocacy boosting helps by letting one person schedule content that everyone on their team will publish. So, a piece of content that would reach 1,500 people can now reach closer to 7,500 people, or however many people are in that firm’s employees’ social networks. As a result, that law firm has now increased its reach and brand exposure.

This guarantees that your team is sharing and publishing content regularly. What before was a single post on a company’s social profiles is now one that every employee posts. As a result, the total number of users the brand reaches are exponentially higher than that brand would generally receive.

Which Social Media Platforms Should You Focus On?

There are many social media platforms, each with unique benefits.


LinkedIn is the most popular social network for professional service organizations and is ideal if professionals are your target audience.


Facebook is often the second most popular social network for professionals such as lawyers and is a good platform if your target audience is consumers.


Twitter allows professionals to share short snippets of information with large audiences quickly. The platform also has a large user base and much potential for lead interaction, like answering customer questions.

Instagram & TikTok

Instagram and TikTok audiences typically have a younger audience than other social media platforms and are heavily focused on visual and sort video content, which can be great for addressing consumers’ needs or answering their questions.

These platforms can also be used with social media advocacy tools. So regardless of which network you want to focus your time and content on, you can use social media advocacy to extend that reach.

Boost Your Firm’s Reach with VIEWS Digital Marketing

If you want to increase your social media exposure and reach more people, contact VIEWS Digital Marketing. We have a team of digital marketing experts who can analyze and develop a personalized social media strategy to increase reach and engagement using tactics like social media advocacy. For more information, contact our social media marketing experts today!