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How PPC and SEO Work Together

August 5, 2022

So you have a website, and you want to generate more leads for your business. However, you may be unsure which digital tactics to use to get more traffic and customers. A combination of PPC and SEO can be the boost you need. Our article will address what the two terms mean, how each method works together, and how combining the two can result in more traffic for your business.

How is Each Tactic Different?

Both PPC and SEO can bring results, but the ways that each method provides leads and traffic are different. In the case of PPC, you will see a boost in traffic immediately as your ads get seen by more people. In the case of SEO, organic search traffic will slowly increase over time as Google indexes new pages on your website and then ranks them.

Both strategies have their benefits. For example, paid search ads are great for getting immediate increases in traffic. Meanwhile, SEO takes longer to deliver results but can continuously improve traffic as your website becomes more optimized. Overall, both methods effectively build a more substantial online presence that will help drive sales for years.

Treat PPC and SEO as Parts of an Overall Strategy

One mistake businesses can make when working on their digital marketing strategies is treating SEO and PPC as separate entities, completely different approaches. The truth is that you can use SEO and PPC together to create a better user experience for your customers and help you meet your goals.

SEO is a long-term strategy that helps you establish authority through the website content that addresses your customers’ needs. The better your content is, the higher your web pages rank on search engine results pages (SERP). On the other hand, PPC is more immediate and can help you gain traction quickly so you can start generating leads immediately. So while each method has different goals, businesses should use both in conjunction.

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Keywords Are Your Foundation

Keywords are the foundation of your overall digital marketing strategy, from SEO to PPC. Here is why keywords are essential for your business:

  • SEO: Your website pages need to be optimized for specific keywords related to the services or products you want to sell. On-page optimization allows search engines to analyze what your content is about and then will rank your pages for those keywords.
  • PPC: Ads only show up when users search for your specific keyword phrase or keyword set. So optimizing your PPC campaigns based on target keywords is essential if you want them to work effectively.

Another important note on keywords is that, when using both PPC and SEO, you can use the performance of PPC ads to inform keywords in your SEO strategy.

Retarget Previous Website Visitors

As you can imagine, many factors are at play regarding the effectiveness of different types of marketing. However, the reality is that most advertising works and sometimes works exceptionally well. For example, retargeting ads are more effective than search engine ads, display ads, and email marketing by a wide margin.

The reason for this has to do with brand awareness. When someone sees and clicks for the first time to your website, that person may be unfamiliar with your company or your products or services. Two or three visits to your website may not be enough to make your visitors remember your brand. A prospect who may have visited your website countless times still searches the web to compare products from your competitors and may need more convincing to buy your product. Retargeting is an excellent way to address this issue.

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Retargeting is an advertising model to help companies promote their brand and products to previous site visitors and prospects who failed to convert on their first visit. With retargeting, you can repeatedly show your brand and ads to people who visited your website. That way, you reinforce brand awareness and help them get familiar with your company, making their purchasing decision more likely in the future.

Retargeting campaigns result in those who fail to convert becoming more aware of and convinced of your brand, which can help increase sales. Other benefits of retargeting are as follows:

  • Your ads can be set to target prospects based on their demographics, geography, or interests in a particular subject matter based on the websites those prospects visited.
  • Because the ad campaign is so targeted, you have more flexibility when crafting the messaging of the ads, identifying potential sales barriers, and addressing them in the ad copy.

Contact VIEWS To Help With Your Digital Marketing Strategy

The bottom line is that PPC and SEO are important to your business. If you lack the time or money to invest in both, reach out to VIEWS Digital Marketing. Our digital marketing experts will work with you to discover your company’s specific goals, then create a plan according to your needs and budget. Contact VIEWS Digital Marketing today to learn more about the benefits of digital marketing for your business.