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How Local Boosting Can Work for Specific Industries

January 17, 2023

Local boosting is a search engine optimization (SEO) tactic designed to improve a business’s local search rankings and online presence. The process involves creating highly optimized landing pages optimized for local keywords and targeted to specific towns, cities, or regions. The result is that businesses rank higher on profitable keywords several miles beyond their business. So their brand and company appear more often in search results, leading to more traffic to their website and other online properties and generating more business leads.

How Local Boosting Worked for These 3 Businesses

Now that you have a general idea of how local boosting works, you may wonder what types of businesses benefit from this tactic. The good news is that various companies can use local boosting to get greater visibility and traffic. Our digital marketing agency has created several campaigns for our clients in different industries, regions, and market niches. Below are 3 examples of how our local boosting efforts have paid off for our clients.

Residential Landscaping Company

A local boosting campaign for a residential landscaping and plant health care company has had stellar results. The campaign targeted specific suburban towns near a metropolitan center within a 7-mile grid of their office. The keywords were carefully chosen to optimize 50 landing pages.

Within one month, 3 of these landing pages ranked number 1 and 8 pages ranked in the top 10 search results. Within 9 months, the landing pages rankings had improved to 47 pages in the top 10 search results.

So when someone in one of the chosen geographies types in the specified keywords into Google, the landing page has a high proximity measure, so the respective landing page shows up. This helps increase the client’s reach and allows their brand to appear more often in local search results.

Residential & Commercial Tree Care Company

A local boosting campaign for a residential and commercial tree care company focused on 5 keywords (all related to tree care services and removal). We optimized 20 locations around their business geography and optimized 100 landing pages.

The client had 23 landing pages in the top 3 search results within 6 weeks and 46 pages in the top 10. This contrasts with the company being in the top 10 for only 13 locations and keywords when the campaign started. Their phone calls from Google Business Profile increased from 47 in October when the campaign started to 68 by May 2022.

Home Kitchen & Bath Retail Company & Showroom

While the previous two companies we looked at provided home services, other businesses that can benefit from local boosting include retail stores. A niche retail business in Pennsylvania specializing in kitchen and bath fixtures focused on keywords related to “bath and kitchen showroom” and “bath/kitchen supply store.” We paired these keywords with 10 locations, giving us 50 landing pages.

The campaign launched in early December 2021. By late January 2022, 28 pages were in the top 3 of search results, and 33 were in the top 10. By the middle of December 2022, those had improved to 41 and 49 pages, respectively. Like the other campaigns, these landing pages helped increase our client’s visibility whenever people searched for bath and kitchen showrooms or supply stores in southeastern Pennsylvania because these landing pages appeared in search results.

Store with open sign on door | local boosting | VIEWS Digital Marketing

A Case Study of Local Boosting

In addition to our clients benefiting from local boosting, other businesses saw an increase in visibility, traffic, and leads due to these optimized landing pages. A roofing company in Canada used local boosting in late 2021 to help their business get found on the first page of Google search results. The campaign comprised 110 landing pages that were optimized for one keyword and one local area, in addition to optimizing their Google Business Profile listing. This roofing company saw these results:

  • 29 new phone calls in October 2021
  • A jump in landing page clicks from 1 in October to 19 in November of 2021, an increase of over 850%
  • 100 of 110 launched landing pages on the first three results on Page 1 of Google

As a result, this roofing company positioned itself near or at the top of search results whenever someone in their region searched for a roofing contractor or repairs.

Contact VIEWS For Local Search Engine Marketing Services

If you want to get the expanded reach that local boosting offers, contact VIEWS Digital Marketing. Our team has worked on several local SEO campaigns for clients. To enhance your local online visibility, we incorporate other digital marketing services to complement a local SEO strategy, such as social media and paid advertising. Contact us to get started on your local boosting campaign today.