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Grow Your Audience with Digital Marketing by Building Connections with Customers

March 28, 2023

If you want to grow your audience with digital marketing, you need digital marketing strategies and tactics that will resonate with your customers.

The way in which business is conducted has shifted since the pandemic, and so the ways in which we market to and connect with our audience has also changed. Marketing teams have realized the importance of capturing the hearts and minds of their audience.
Businesses that succeed have a positive reputation of regularly and authentically connecting with their customers. While this strategy can apply to a variety of marketing tactics, the overall concept is one that is likely here to stay.

When you connect with your customers in a way that makes them feel understood and heard, they tend to remember this and then associate your brand in a favorable manner. Engaging your audience in a way that makes them feel good and will also help you stand out amongst your competitors. Below are a variety of ways to authentically connect with customers and grow your audience with digital marketing.

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Personalize Your Marketing

Digital data collection allows for personalized marketing in sending different types of targeted content to unique customer buyer personas. A buyer persona is a summary or profile for an ideal type of customer that fits certain characteristics.

For example, females aged 30-40 who follow health-related companies are characteristics that fit a buyer persona profile. Personalized marketing allows you to spend less time and money on marketing messages by organizing buyers on similar characteristics, and delivering the right message to them at the right time to encourage conversion.

Information resonates in different ways to people based on a number of factors such as life experience or viewpoints. While it is impossible to know everything about your customers, you can learn enough to segment them based on certain characteristics. You can learn more about them through social media, surveys, and tracking customer data.

When creating targeted content for your buyers, keep in mind the content that you yourself find appealing. You probably delete messages that come across as too aggressively “salesy” or that you feel are mostly irrelevant to you. Meet your customer with the right message for where they are in the sales cycle. Did they leave something in their cart? Send a gentle reminder and make sure to reference the exact item to make it personal!

The more personal you can make your messages, the less generic they will sound and the more likely it is that the customer will continue to interact and buy from you.

Make Sure You Respond to Reviews and Concerns, and Follow Up with Customers on Time

Acknowledge reviews left whether they are positive or negative. This shows your audience that you care what your customers think and are actively engaged with their customer experience. Remember to monitor all of your channels and web properties to make sure no feedback gets ignored.

Be Active on Social

Use social media to get to know your customers better. You can connect with followers and fans of your brand and get to know them and their interests. This allows you to create more personalized marketing campaigns overall.

Grow Audience with Digital Marketing and with Your Current Clients in Mind

As your business needs grow and change, your customer’s needs will also. Make sure the strategies you use are those that will work best for your end user. For example, is it easier for your customers to interact with your brand through an app than on social media? If so, develop an app to make the experience even better for your customers. Build and adapt strategies that will engage your customers the most.

In today’s fast paced marketplace with ever-changing technology, businesses often don’t know where to focus their efforts when it comes to growing their audience with digital marketing. A good rule of thumb is to deliver targeted personalized marketing content, at the right stage in their buyer journey, that keeps them interested and encourages conversion. Show you understand your customer and want to help them make a decision with the correct information that you will provide. Customers will remember messaging that resonates.

If you want help creating targeted content or developing a digital marketing strategy that connects with your audience, get in touch with us at 610-650-0227.