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Google Mobile Search Update, A Friendlier Experience for Mobile Users

With the increasing amount of traffic coming from mobile search, Google and its search engine team are bound to give users a good experience on mobile-friendly search results. In the past, Google has released guidelines on how to properly configure and design a website that are viewable in multiple devices – desktop, smartphones and smart tablets included.

A new chapter awaits us digital marketers as a brand new algorithm in search is about to roll out with significant changes to aid users discover a more mobile-friendly content.

What are we expecting?

Starting April 21, Google will be expanding the use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. Google announced this change will mean that one of the main signals of a higher mobile search visibility is a site or app’s mobile friendliness. There are many factors that affect a website or an app’s mobile optimization – download speed, overall appearance, navigation,  and user experience. When these elements are present, they are most likely be favored by this search engine giant.

Here’s how you can fine tune your websites and turn them into mobile-friendly sites even without developing your own app. On the side note, you can read about our overview on native app versus a responsive website and how it differs from each businesses’ needs.

If you’re a webmaster, you can detect errors and have a picture on how your website looks on mobile by simply using some of their tools. You can simply login into your Google Webmaster Tools account and check for usability issues crawled by Googlebot. Their mobile-friendly test also allows you to test a few pages as reflection to what your site and page looks like in other devices.

As a digital marketing consultant in Nashville, it is imperative for us to be updated on each of the algorithm for us to adjust and give our clients what they deserve.

It’s a nail-biting experience not only for us, but to all internet marketers, webmasters and mobile developers as well. We’re going to strap ourselves in and hope for the best. Will all our hard work pay off when the update rolls out? Are our websites mobile-friendly or optimized enough to to be visible in mobile search? Will our efforts, after following every Google’s requirement, guidelines would suffice and grant websites the online presence it needs? Only time can tell.