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Facebook Reactions – The Like Button Has Company!

If you’ve been using Facebook for quite some time, you have probably noticed a new feature for reacting to someone else’s post. The iconic Facebook “Like” button now includes different emojis – love, haha, wow, sad and the angry reactions. This update started to roll-out in October of 2015 and is now fully rolled out. As a business owner and an internet user, what’s your initial impression of Facebook’s update?
facebook reactions
WSI Websense has been on the digital marketing scene since the early 2000’s. As a digital marketer and social media enthusiast, this updated feature can be beneficial for my clients and their businesses. If you look at the big picture, these reactions allow the poster to gain insight into a reader’s reaction of the post just shared on the business’s timeline. Now we can see a more accurate response as compared to the like button. A heart button may signify that they loved the post; the ‘haha’ emoji means that the post is humorous. The sad emoji may be an expression of sympathy due to some terrible news, and the angry emoji can indicate an emotion against acts of cruelty or the likes.

What Do Facebook Reactions Mean for Marketers?

Change is inevitable and as professional internet marketers, we should embrace change wholeheartedly even though it’s very hard for us. Drastic changes cause headaches for marketers initially – new data, new metrics and a brand new strategy should be implemented in line with the changes.
Eventually, each marketer will get the hang of how these new social media metrics will affect their social media branding and strategies and how these Facebook reactions can help their business gain more insights about their follower base. For now, we should embrace the innovation these moving social media platforms are offering users and soon learn the real impact. Have you followed us on Facebook? If not, don’t forget to like our Facebook Page and get yourself updated with our services, freebies and free webinars!