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The Elements of a Successful LinkedIn Post

What makes a LinkedIn Post Successful?

Understanding the elements of a successful Linkedin post can be daunting. What makes up a relevant, information-rich post that can dominate the LinkedIn Publishing world? Thanks to Melonie Dodaro, who created an awesome slideshow to help professionals and business owners have successful LinkedIn posts and content marketing plan using LinkedIn, we have an answer.

Without further ado, here’s  the 10 Data-Driven Steps To Dominate LinkedIn Publishing:

Data compiled by Search Wilderness and originally posted on
To make this blog post long enough for the search engines to like it, I have to not only show you what Melonie shared, but I have to outline it as well.

So to feed the monster and possibly a few readers who prefer to read vs listen, here are the:

Elements of a Successful LinkedIn Posts:

1) Make your Headlines 40 to 49 characters
2) Use images – 8 Images to be exact
3) Forget Video – it does not convert well
4) Write content with Five sub-headings
5) Write 1900 to 2000 words for optimal benefit
6) Keep your politics to yourself. Stay neutral on LinkedIn.  Twitter is better for bashing if you feel so inclined.
7) An 11-year-old should be able to read it and not an Einstein.  Most of us want our reading to be easy like our summers.
8) “Likes” drive success so seek and support those who like your content.
9) Publish on Thursday.  I know it sounds counter to what we thought but data shows this is the best day to publish.
10) Contrary to popular opinion, Questions do not make good titles.  State a fact and people will read it.

OK, Google is right, it is better to outline the slides because it makes me remember the content better too.  It’s Thursday, so I think I need to write a few articles and get them published on Linkedin.