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Important Factors in Driving a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign

Managing a website and driving an online campaign is a huge undertaking due to its complexity. There are several elements to consider, measure and analyze – to top it off, most of the data and measurements came from different sources. So how do successful internet marketers, web analysts and web managers achieve their monthly goals and stay ahead of the competition?

Read on as we share with you some basic or essential elements on how to micromanage and maneuver an internet marketing campaign that thrives and focuses on having ROI with less energy and stress.

A fully responsive website.

Nowadays, people use their tablets and smartphones to surf the internet at their convenience – anytime, anywhere! In order not to miss out on potential customers and prospects, it’s imperative to have a website that returns a full-working, neat platform for users to engage and read what your business has to offer. Having a responsive website is the top most cost-effective way to cater to both your desktop and mobile users without breaking the bank.

Add a little more personality and be sociable.

Humans are social beings. We like to be talked to, heard, loved, and to feel accepted. To get your visitors’ attention, you need to speak with them as a human, not as a mechanical bot. Inject a little emotion to your content, add a little personal flair that will connect with your readers. Once you have captured their trust, they’ll keep coming back to your site and you might turn them into one of your customers!
Email Marketing Success

Take advantage of email marketing.

If you didn’t catch their full attention in one visit but managed to get them to subscribe to your newsletter, don’t lose hope. You hold a huge advantage as you have their contact details with you. You can simply follow up with your prospect list by sending timely messages along with your product deals and promos. Make sure not to overwhelm them as they might opt-out due to excessive spam.

Make use of social media.

They say that the use of social media for customer relationship management creates great success. You can turn your social media accounts into an immediate support desk to respond to inquiries and orders. Almost everyone has their own social media profiles and are using it as part of their everyday lives. Make the most of it by building brand awareness while performing customer service at the same time.

Test, measure, tweak, rinse, repeat.

Not all businesses fall under the same  industry and do not have the same target audience. With that being said, there are certain marketing strategies that works best for some industries, while others don’t benefit at all. Always make it a habit to test and measure all your marketing efforts. If you find one of your campaigns a success over the other, ditch the one that doesn’t work and stick to the one that works. Or, you can always tweak then run a re-test. This technique will enable you to gauge your campaign and work efficiently as a marketer.

Watch the video below for the key elements for a successful digital marketing strategy by WSI World.

6 Essential Elements for a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy from WSI World on Vimeo.