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Do You Really Need a Consultant to Handle Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a phrase you hear about every day in business. If you are one of the companies who has yet to employ SEO in your business plan, you might be wondering “Is Search Engine Optimization or a digital marketing consultant something I really need to spend resources on?” The short answer is “yes!” The first page on Google Search gets 90% of the clicks. SEO is happening all around you—most of your business rivals are doing it on some level, whether they are just targeting key words, or are hiring consultants and using tools such as Likeable Local to promote their social media. You have to get involved in the game to remain competitive.

So what is Search Engine Optimization? SEO is using researched keywords to create behind the scenes meta tags and descriptions that will improve the rankings of your site on search engines. In other words, SEO helps potential prospects find you and it involves a lot more than just creating keywords.

What Does a Search Engine Optimization Company Do?

A good Search Engine Optimization company will perform many SEO tasks for your business:

  • Evaluate Your Existing Website – Your SEO consultant will review your site content and structure, then give you advice on website hosting, technical elements and will correct any errors that may exist. Any broken links will be fixed and updates to old technology will be recommended.
  • Perform Keyword Research and Develop a Plan – After getting a feel for your company goals, your SEO consultant will do keyword research to see what keywords you should be targeting. Next he/she will formulate a content development plan to increase the rankings and draw traffic to your site.
  • Introduce New Tools and Technology – SEO consultants will stay informed and up to date on new tools and technology that can help you. Social media is playing an increasingly large role in online marketing so if you have no designated person taking care of your social media profiles, your consultant could recommend a program such as Likeable Local to facilitate a strong social presence.
  • Provide Training – SEO is most effective when the whole team is onboard, so your consultant will provide training to staff on search engine optimization and use of SEO tools.
  • Optimize Your Site for Mobile Use – Most consumers are researching online with their mobile devices before buying today. Studies indicates up to 40% of users will leave a site if there is no optimization for mobile devices, and recently Google changed its algorithms so it no longer includes non-mobile-optimized sites in the search results. You have to be competitive to get onto that first page of results and SEO plays a big part.

What is my ROI for Search Engine Optimization?

Return on investment for SEO is abundant short and long term. SEO directs traffic and attention to your website, which never closes! You should keep someone working on your SEO to ensure you stay on top of rankings, but good SEO can have lasting effects, like giving you keyword targeted phrases that keep showing up in organic searches over a long period of time.

Algorithms change constantly; what worked last year might be outdated and ineffective or worse, considered bad practice and causing damage to your rankings. A professional SEO Consultant will help you learn about SEO best practices and how to combine them with social media marketing and other advertising sources to maximize the money invested.

Get Your Business On The (Google) Map With Search Engine Optimization

Money spent on Search Engine Optimization is an investment in your company’s future. Hiring a professional to provide the best and most knowledgeable guidance just makes sense. WSI VIEWS’s team of SEO Consultants will help you build a great and effective website or improve your current website’s efficiency. For more information on how you can increase your web presence and reach, or to set up a free demonstration of Likeable Local, contact one of our Internet Marketing Specialists at (610)-650-0227 today.