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Cybersecurity Threats: What You Need to Know

Cybersecurity threats are related to the digital world – the world of computers and computer networks. It is a threat that attempts to steal, change, expose, destroy, disable, gain unauthorized access to or make unauthorized use of

  • Personal computer devices
  • Infrastructures
  • Computer networks
  • Computer information systems
  • Personal data stored online

Cybersecurity threats are on the rise as the cyber world continues to expand with the

  • Explosion of data – stored in devices, desktops and elsewhere
  • Internet of things – individual devices connecting to internet or other networks

To combat this growing menace, you need to make sure your computer is armed with

  • an anti-virus software
  • system patching and
  • timely software updates

However, being aware about the different cybersecurity threats is the best way to resist them. For system administrators and end-users, understanding the differences between these threats is the first and most important step towards being able to eradicate them.

Top Cybersecurity Threats

  1. Password threat – Passwords give access to one’s personal information, email accounts, bank accounts etc. Hence, stealing passwords is one of the scariest and most common cybersecurity threats that we face today.
  2. Phishing – Phishing is the practice of sending emails that appear to be from trusted sources with the goal of gaining personal information or influencing users to do something. The email can have an attachment, downloading which will load malware onto your computer. It could also be a link to an illegitimate website that can trick you into handing over your personal information.
  3. Virus – Virus is a malicious software that has the ability to replicate and infect other computers. Viruses are transmitted via USB drives and other portable media or over networks. It corrupts the system or destroys the data.

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