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Content Marketing – What Content Should Look Like in Today’s Digital World

One of the essential aspects of a successful website is valuable and shareable content. Writing a content is a time-consuming effort as it takes a lot of research and a well-thought plan on how to convey the message in an interesting or factual manner.

Generating a content marketing plan for a local business should not be based on educated guesses. Each blog or page content should aim to provide insightful information that is related to your business niche and caters to the needs of your website’s readers. Each post should provide solutions or methods of how to solve challenges that your targeted customer faces.

Every internet marketer and business owner has its own struggle in coming up with content that can generate leads and convert them into customers. For startup and small business owners, hiring a decent writer to write for your website is costly. As a digital marketing firm in Nashville, Tennessee, we are glad to give you tips on how to create unique and an engaging content without breaking the bank.

What Your Local Business Content Marketing Mix Should Look in 2016

According to marketers, a good content marketing strategy should consist of 65% self-generated content, 25% curated content and 10% syndicated content.

Self-generated content is the type of post you create from your business’ manpower. There’s a need to dedicate a lot of time to do the research and writing yourself to come up with valuable information. To achieve this, add valuable insights as an expert on the industry and refer to your past experiences.

As for writing curated content, you’ll need to find an excellent article about your business niche that somebody else has produced. You can use this content, rewrite or add personal touches. The key to successful content curation is to find consistently, organize and share high-quality content to your targeted audience.

As for the syndicated content, you can share to your website visitors relevant issues, news, and events coming from major influencers and trusted news sites from your industry. You and your site visitors will benefit and stay updated with the new trends.

These three tips shown above can help your website and content marketing campaign thrive and stay in the race against your competition. Be reminded to share insightful, valuable and shareable content to your readers.