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Content Curation – Why Creating Lists are Sharable in Social Media

The internet and search engines make it possible to search anything on the web. However with millions of people uploading and sharing content online, the amount of information is often times overwhelming. This is where lists and article curation come into play.

According to Wikipedia, content curation is the process of collecting, organizing and displaying information relevant to a particular topic or area of interest. Basically, it is a collection of content that is created under one list from various, reliable sources. This method is now widely used to filter and deliver the best content that is worth sharing!

Here are a few reasons why creating lists are a big hit that dominates social media:

  • Because lists are a collection of the best resources, it adds value to its readers.
  • Most of them are easier to read. A great example is Buzzfeed! Just look at their posts and its number of social shares across different social media platforms.
  • Since it’s a collection of content, the topics are highly relevant which will keep readers focused on the topic.
Top industry influencers highly benefit from this technique as their brands, expertise and works are mostly used as reference. Marketers and low-profiled experts on the other hand leverage the use of content curation.
When created and used properly, they’ll be credited for their hard work and insight about the topic. Although extensive research will take up a lot time to come up with an informative list, there are rewards to be reaped if the curated content becomes successful and viral.Want to create a shareable list of your own and create a name in your industry?

Below are some best practices and tips on content curation:

  • Always stay relevant to your topic.
  • Be consistent.
  • Curate articles from reliable and trusted sources.
  • Link back, mention or provide attributes accordingly.
  • Add personality to the list by adding your own insights about the topic.
  • Make it simple.
Storify, Scoop it and Pinterest are some of the useful tools that are very handy for your content curation and list creation. We look forward to seeing your content go viral on the web and on the Social Media! If you are looking for some guidance or assistance, get in touch with us. We would love to help you find the nuggets of relevant content for your industry!