Centro Procrea Optimizes with WSI for Digital Reputation

centro procrea

Founded in 2005 by Dr. Emilio Novales Aguirre, physician and surgeon at Universidad Francisco Marroquin in Guatemala. Performed post grade studies at Marien Hospital, Stuttgart Germany and then specialized in Reproductive Medicine. Centro Procrea is created as an integral health center for women, where they serve everything related to reproductive health of women, being the center of assisted reproduction technology more experienced among Gynecologists of Guatemala (Ginecólogos de Guatemala.)

Centro Procrea specialty is Assisted Reproduction Technology. To diagnostics has many tests, such as Echography (Ecografia), 4D Ultrasound Scan (Ultrasonido 4D), to provide the most detailed information for the patient. It also has treatments providing solutions about infertility (infertilidad) or sterility.

Among them are: In Vitro Fertilization Fertilización In Vitro  or Artificial Insemination Inseminación Artificial. Both methods are carefully explained and analyzed, to choose the most suitable for the couple who want to fulfill the dream of having a family.

Experience and human capacity, together with advanced technology, is in Procrea Center, with over 10 years of providing care to the reproductive health of women, but also being a reliable place for Assisted Reproduction Treatment in Guatemala center. Centro Procrea, has become a few months ago a client of WSI, to build digital reputation, optimize website, search engine optimization and lead generation; with a comprehensive strategy to lead them to success. All begun with many meetings until the strategy was founded, the the hard work begun with keyword and long tail  searches.

Today WSI is working on-page and off-page SEO, with lead generation and website optimization.

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