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Benefits of Retargeting in Advertising

One, two or three visits to your website may not be enough to make your visitors remember your brand.  Or perhaps a prospect, who may have visited your website countless of times, still scours the web to compare products from your competitors and may still not be convinced to buy your product. That’s when retargeting enters the advertising scene.

Many businesses leverage the power and advantages of retargeting in online advertising as a means to boost their marketing efforts. How does this marketing technique work? Well, you yourself might have experienced being targeted as a potential customer under a remarketing campaign even at least once.

If you’ve seen recurrent ads showing on your screen, following your online activity, that’s what you call remarketing. This marketing campaign generally targets potential customers that have visited a website, contributed to a site’s bounce rate and have failed to contribute to a business’ sales.

If remarketing is done incorrectly, it may lead your potential customers becoming annoyed and sales will not come in. However, if the campaign is crafted, implemented and evaluated properly, the businesses’ sales and return on investment will skyrocket and increase in sales and return on investment. Other benefits of retargeting are as follows:

  • It increases and promotes brand awareness
  • The ad campaign only targets those who have visited or have engaged your website (parameters could be set depending on your campaign)
  • Your ads can be set to trigger on to targeted prospects based on their demographics, geography or their interest on a particular subject matter based on the websites they’ve visited
  • Lastly, remarketing helps increase conversions or even recurrent sales!
Retargeting is great advertising model to help small to medium-sized companies promote their brand and products. The tool aims to reach majority of your site visitors and prospects who failed to convert in their first visit reminding them that your products is worth a try. If this is a technique you would like to test or think will work for you, please call us to help you evaluate and implement rue targeting.