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A SEO Expert in Philadelphia Can Help You Gain a Digital Marketing Advantage Over Your Competitors

Many businesses find it difficult to gain an advantage over competitors in today’s marketplace. Having a successful digital advertising strategy relies on understanding what your competitors are doing so that you may use this knowledge to your advantage. Use a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Expert in Philadelphia to help you understand how to gain a digital competitive advantage. There are five key elements to understanding your competition and their digital marketing strategy, and then using this to successfully give your business a competitive advantage.

1. Search Engine Visibility – Know where you rank in comparison to your competitors and understand who your competitors are. Consistently higher ranked competitors in a Google search, means that they have a higher visibility and are likely getting more website traffic and potential customers. Also note, which competitors have a presence on third party websites, this is increasing their visibility even more.
2. Top Performing AdWords in Google – AdWords are paid for and competitors that consistently show up in the top Google AdWords position have to fund that high-ranking AdWords status. This helps them gain an advantage and usually results in a good return on investment (ROI) because consistent top pay per click ads indicate positive cost per acquisition.
3. Top Performing Keywords – Identify what keywords your competitors are using to help them rank well in both organic search and paid ads. Your business should compile a list of top keywords that you should be using in content and outperform your competitors based on these words. Also, there should be keywords that competitors are not using but may be highly searched keywords. These keywords are good to use because they do not have as much competition and your business will show up higher in rank since your competitors are not using these keywords.
4. Best Performing Content – Content that does well for competitors would do well for your business as well. Having high performing content to gain web traffic and potential customers is essential to success. Understand what content is visible and where it is located and use this to create your own content marketing objectives.
5. Social Media Engagement – Research where your competitors are most active on social media accounts and what types of content that is proving to be popular among followers and people who visit these social media websites. Understanding what competitors are posting, on which network, when they are positing it and why they are posting specific types of content is extremely important.

By understanding what business rivals are doing, you can plan accordingly to improve upon their tactics and gain a competitive advantage. Make sure to remember to also monitor your own performance, in order to continuously make improvements and changes where necessary. If you would like help gaining a competitive advantage in today’s digital marketplace, get in touch with a WSI SEO Expert in Philadelphia, PA by contacting them at (610)-650-0227, or visit their website to learn more at