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3 Ways to Increase Your Search ROI

Achieving a higher return-on-investment for your search campaign involves spending strategically and examining the analytics. A higher cost does not necessarily mean higher ROI; it is important to monitor your advertising budget and invest wisely for the best results. Use specific keywords that can deliver more conversions. Successful keywords have high conversion rates with low relative costs. The following three tips can also help you to increase your ROI for a profitable paid search campaign.

1. Track your results.
Without using tracking tools, it will be impossible to create the most effective campaign. Conversion tracking, for instance, will allow you to see the effectiveness of ads and keywords. If the cost-per-conversion cost for a given ad is higher than your average sale, a new optimization strategy may be necessary. Be sure to design a search campaign that is adaptable. Use the analytics to adjust your budget accordingly.

2. Change your keyword strategy.
Evaluate and identify potential weak spots in your campaign so that you can adjust keywords and bids. You may need to eliminate some low-performing keywords or adjust to a lower cost-per-click in order to free up your budget for higher performing keywords that show a profit. Using more specific keywords, so that customers will have a better idea of what services you offer, can also increase conversion rates and reduce your bounce rate.

3. Link to relevant landing pages.
Ad links should have dedicated, relevant landing pages. Website visitors are less likely to make a purchase if they arrive at the homepage or another page that is irrelevant to the ad. Ensure that potential customers do not have to search for relevant pages by designing landing pages that deliver pertinent information clearly.

Successful search marketing is an ongoing process and requires active monitoring and improvements. Ensure that your advertising budget is well spent by contacting the Internet marketing consultants at WSI for Search Advertising services that can benefit your business. Give us a call today at (610)650-0227 to discuss your search advertising needs.