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Why Link Building Still Matters

Not so long ago, rumors flew around the web that building links was no longer effective for driving website traffic and increasing search engine visibility. With the frequent algorithm upgrades, Google has implemented over the years,  internet marketers tried our best to comply and adapt to what the search engine giant told us.

We came to the point where we really didn’t know what worked and what didn’t with many saying  link building was detrimental and SEO was dead. I think they were wrong.  Link building is not dead and it never will be. Here’s why:

Link building is still key to boost search visibility.
According to Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Web Search team, backlinks or links going to your site are “still a really big win” in terms of quality for search results. Here’s a video of him discussing the importance of backlinks:

Truth be told, links still remain the core of Google’s search algorithm. The more high-quality backlinks your website has, the higher your website ranks against your competitor.

SEO has changed into ASEO or Adaptive Search Engine Optimization
While link building is not dead, spammy links and link stuffing is.  The internet marketing industry and search engines in particular continue to adapt making sure relevant links elevate a website in visibility while spammy links decrease the visibility.  A Search Engine’s goal is to serve searchers with the most relevant content every time they look for information. Being relevant requires a lot of knowledge and insights.  This is what we call Adaptive SEO.

Link building is one way to expose your brand.

Brand mentions are good for business, especially when it comes from a positive review of  a client or customer. Links create  outlets to expose your business’ brands and products to a new market and audiences either through word of mouth, social media or blogs.

Brand mentions and link backs coming from real people are very valuable as they come from a natural and trusted source. It’s one of the best ways to connect with people through people themselves, initiating conversations and creating a buzz within a community.

As a business owner, encourage your customers to give you a positive review by giving them a discount or reward. Of course, you cannot buy reviews and someone can claim the incentive even if the review is not positive.  Still, this strategy is a win-win situation for your brand and for your customers.

Links generate signals to Google.

Google and real people love to share content. If people naturally link back to your website, it shows that your website is helpful or has value. The more ‘quality’ mentions and link back a website gets, the more chances it will make a good impression to Google.

Even though search engine optimization has changed a lot in throughout the years, link building remain an essential element of an online strategy. Improve your products and services, be innovative and creative, craft compelling content that is useful and shareable across social media and you’ll soon reap the rewards of hard work. Do link building the right way by building relationships with influencers, sharing important news and events within your industry and start building a community.